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The Daily Grind / ConnexFM Foundation’s IMPACT Event at Mid-Year Conference
October 03, 2023 The Daily Grind

Today on The Daily Grind, we’re checking in with the ConnexFM Foundation! Tune in as Bill Ackerman, VP of National Sales with Dynamic Facility Services, and ConnexFM Foundation Board Chair joins to discuss the IMPACT Charity event next week at Mid-Year Conference! Find out what participants will be accomplishing next week during the charity event, how you can get involved with the Foundation, and more.

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The Daily Grind / Coffee and Connexion Circles Overview
October 02, 2023 The Daily Grind

Today on The Daily Grind Cary Richmond, Director of Content and Education at ConnexFM shares details about the upcoming Coffee and Connexion Circles series! Tune in as Cary gives an overview of the upcoming series, how members that are interested can lead their own sessions in the future, and more.

Register for the first Coffee and Connexion Circles session ‘Be Great’ today:

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The Daily Grind / U.S. Mid-Year Tech Talk Preview: Empowering Efficiency with Mobile (Parts) Supply Chain Technology and Analytics
September 29, 2023 The Daily Grind

Today on The Daily Grind tune in as we highlight a U.S. Mid-Year Conference Speaker! Ron Fijalkowski, Senior Vice President of Digital Supply Chain, SDI joins to give a preview of his upcoming Tech Talk “Enhancing Facilities Operations and Maintenance: Empowering Efficiency with Mobile (Parts) Supply Chain Technology and Analytics”.

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The Daily Grind / U.S. MYC Spotlight: Leveraging CMMS/EMS to Drive ESG Compliance & Data Reporting
September 27, 2023 The Daily Grind

Today on The Daily Grind tune in for a preview of the U.S. Mid-Year Conference Session ‘Leveraging CMMS/EMS to Drive ESG Compliance & Data Reporting’! Panelists Don VanDeMark, Construction Specialties, Omar Tabba, Brainbox AI, Raj Beniwal, EcoEnergy Insights, Raj Subramanian, Facilio, and Leum Fahey, ServiceChannel, share the benefits of effectively utilizing CMMS/EMS, and more. Tune in to get an exclusive preview of this highly anticipated Mid-Year Conference panel!

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The Daily Grind / Canada MYC Education Spotlight - Protecting Your Facilities - A Live Demonstration on Glass Security Film
September 22, 2023 The Daily Grind

Tune in to The Daily Grind as Tim Byrne, President of OD Byrne Contracting joined Bill for a conversation after his DEMO Lab “Protecting Your Facilities - A Live Demonstration on Glass Security Film” at Canada Mid-Year Conference!

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