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The Daily Grind / Virtual Connexion
September 23, 2021 The Daily Grind

Join us at today on The Daily Grind as ConnexFM's Cary Richmond and Corinne Dwyer share an inside look at the upcoming Virtual Connexion, October 14 - 15.

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The Daily Grind / Canadian Council Town Hall
September 22, 2021 The Daily Grind

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The Daily Grind / Introducing the ConnexFM Canadian Council
September 21, 2021 The Daily Grind

Join us at 2 pm CT for a special replay of Mike Bowman, Senior Director, Asset Management, LCBO and Noah Sidel, Vice President, National Dispatch Services introducing the ConnexFM Canadian Council. To learn more about the ConnexFM Canadian Council, register for the upcoming Town Hall.

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The Daily Grind / Canadian-Specific Challenges
September 19, 2021 The Daily Grind

Join us at 2 pm CT for a special replay of Cindy Collette discussing specific challenges FMs and Supplier Partners face in Canada. Register for the upcoming Canadian Town Hall to join the ConnexFM Canadian Council for a deep-dive discussion into the unique challenges of Canadian organizations. 


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The Daily Grind / ROI of DEI Series
September 16, 2021 The Daily Grind

Today on The Daily Grind we replay Part 2 of our ROI of DEI series, where Sean Coakley, Senior Director of Retail Store Maintenance, Luxottica, shares why he is part of the DEI initiative and why it is so important.

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