The Value of an Education Membership

ConnexFM offers a membership to unlock a world of opportunities for students, educators, and educational programs with a community of facilities management industry professionals and resources that can help guide you on the path to success. With membership, you can:

Open doors to valuable mentorships, internships, and career opportunities in the facility management industry by connecting with professionals and peers.

Expand your knowledge and increase your skills within facilities management with access to essential resources, webinars, and online courses.

Equip your students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to conquer the industry with access to industry-leading resources, captivating case studies, and best practices to enhance your facility management programs.

Position your faculty and instructors as thought leaders by taking advantage of publication and speaking opportunities with ConnexFM and industry partners.

Learn more about these benefits and even more you can take advantage of with an Education Membership with ConnexFM, whether you’re a student, an educator, or an educational institution.

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