ConnexFM Mentorship Program

ConnexFM 1-to-1 Mentorship Program

The ConnexFM Mentorship Program is a protégé-driven program that fosters a relationship between two ConnexFM members and involves coaching, advising, and supporting the professional goals of the protégé for one year beginning on the date of your your signed agreement. ConnexFM intends this program to help shape the multi-site FM marketplace and positively impact the careers of ConnexFM members by improving their skills in coaching, leadership, and relationship-building. The program provides:

  • A supportive relationship to help protégés meet their professional objectives.
  • An open exchange of ideas and feedback; and
  • A confidential environment.


Participants agree to:

  • Meet with one another at least 12 times during the program
  • Participate in a program orientation session
  • Provide quarterly feedback about the program experience
  • Commit to program work, including an estimated 20-25 hours for mentors and 25-35 hours for protégés
    • 12 monthly in-person or virtual meetings (12 hours)
    • 1 in-person networking event (1 hour, optional)
    • 5-10 hours for orientation, miscellaneous activities, sharing feedback and ongoing communication



Any ConnexFM member in good standing is eligible to participate in the program and we encourage members of all ages and experience levels to sign up as a protégé for career guidance and support. Please note that this program is for professional development purposes and not intended to be a sales/prospecting opportunity.

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Inaugural Mentorship Program Participants Meet at ConnexFM2022
Inaugural Mentorship Program Participants Meet at ConnexFM2022


What Participants Are Saying ...

Jessica Fumo, Visionworks of America, ConnexFM Member
“When given the opportunity to participate in a mentorship pilot program with ConnexFM, I was thrilled to join as a mentee. I got questioned as to why a mentee and maybe re-think my decision and be a mentor. My reason is...we all have room to grow, to learn more, every single day. I want more. I have unofficially and honestly naturally, been a mentor over the years and loved it but this time, I wanted more for me. I wanted to focus on being more strategic and becoming a better leader which led me to my now mentor, Kenneth Jones! I was able to choose who I thought would be a great fit for me. If you are thinking about being a mentor or mentee, I recommend you go for it! Don't hold back on your personal or professional growth!” - Jessica Fumo, Sephora, ConnexFM Member
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Jenna Dominguez, Branded-Group, ConnexFM Member
“Mentorship is one of the most important aspects of personal and professional development. A mentor is there to guide you through the obstacles that inevitably arise while growing in your position and industry - not only acting as a sounding board, but a teacher. Mentorship is a rewarding experience for both parties involved.” - Jenna Dominguez, Branded-Group, ConnexFM Member