Coffee & Connexion Circles – A Special ConnexFM Mentorship Program

Coffee & Connexion Circles

What is a Connexion Circle?

Connexion Circles are small group mentoring opportunities presented in a virtual environment, centered around various topics, whether they be personal or professional development or tied to a specific multi-site facility management skill set. The intent is to create a supportive and collaborative environment for individuals seeking to enhance their professional skills and expand their networks.

The program, inspired by a successful model at adidas, aims to foster growth, diversity, and empowerment. Developed by ConnexFM, the inaugural Coffee & Connexion Circles pilot begins in Q4 2023.

What will participants gain from participating in Connexion Circles?

Individuals will gain valuable insights, expand their perspectives, and enhance their skills, ultimately leading to increased career success and satisfaction. This program is a live participation event only and will not be recorded for later use, so join us live!

Can I participate in the 1-to-1 Mentorship Program, as well as the Coffee and Connexion Circles?

Absolutely! Any ConnexFM member is welcome to participate in either or both mentorship program offerings!

Where does 'Coffee' come in?

ConnexFM decided to try this initial set of Connexion Circles as a morning virtual opportunity to kick off your day! So, grab a cup of Joe and join us!

Inaugural Coffee and Connexion Circles Series

Our initial series will be on several topics centered around your professional and personal growth and presented by past board chair and longtime member, Kirk Beaudoin from adidas. This series is meant to be consumed as a series as each topic builds upon each other, so we encourage you to sign up for each session. That being said, you can 'pick and choose' sessions if you so desire.

The series of monthly sessions begins on October 20, 2023, and runs through April 26, 2024.

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Upcoming topics include:

Past topics included:

Stay tuned for more future Coffee and Connexion Circles' topics! Questions? Email us at