Connex Wall of Coins

A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion (usually military), bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members. Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. In addition, they are also collected by service members. In practice, challenge coins are normally presented by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement by a member of the unit. They are also exchanged in recognition of visits to an organization.

The tradition of a challenge is the most common way to ensure that members are carrying their unit's coin. The challenge only applies to those members that have been given a coin formally by their unit. The act of challenging is called a "Coin Check" and is usually loudly announced.

The challenge, which can be made at any time, begins with the challenger drawing his/her coin, and slapping or placing the coin on the table or surface. Everyone being challenged must immediately produce the coin for their organization and anyone failing to do so must buy a round for the challenger and everyone else who has their challenge coin. However, should everyone challenged be able to produce their coin, the challenger must buy a round for the group.


  • Myriah Kingen, Davita Kidney Care
  • Matthew Whelan, W Services Group, LLC
  • Shawn Browning, RFMP, FMA, LEED-Green Assoc., Nike, Inc.
  • Jaclyn Frenzel, OnSite, Inc.
  • Jonathan Bauer, Gap, Inc.
  • Steve Andrews, Public Storage
  • Anthony Armato, ULTA Beauty
  • Jordan Campbell, BOTTEGA VENETA
  • Kirk Beaudoin, RFMP, FMA, LEED Green Associate, adidas America, Inc.
  • Tom Buiocchi, ServiceChannel
  • Chris Slocum, Cornell Storefront Systems, Inc.
  • Grant Baecker, Authority HVAC
  • Mike Bowman, LCBO
  • Wendy Neikrie, Corepower Yoga
  • Kim Goei, FEXA
  • Kevin Smith, FERRANDINO & SON, INC.
  • Ren Bartoe, Beaver Falls, PA
  • 2019 ConnexHQ Team
  • Urmilla Sowell, Connex Smart Glass Consultant
  • Ted Mastrucci, American Project & Repair
  • Greg Melia, CAE, ITN Productions
  • Robin Baskin Ladner, W Services Group, LLC
  • Lynn Harnishfeger, Springwise Facility Management
  • Robbye Chasteen, All County Paving
  • Brian Walker, Transformative Wave