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Connex Staff is here to serve you Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. You can reach us by phone at 972.231.9810 or via email at Browse the directory below for department or individual contact information.


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Bill Yanek - Chief Executive Officer     

LeeAnn Norton, CEM - Chief Operating Officer    

Julie Boggs, MBA - Vice President, Membership Development

Terry O'Neill, CEM - Vice President, Global Events

Brooke Cowart - Vice President, Content & Resources

Melody McLellan - Vice President, MarCom & Digital Experience

Richard Reyes - Vice President, Digital Strategy

Kyranni Freeman - Executive Director, Connex Foundation & Executive Operations

Contact: or 972.231.9810

Content & Resources

Brooke Cowart- Vice President, Content & Resources

Cary Richmond, CMP - Director, Content & Resources

Contact: or 972.231.9810

Global Events

LeeAnn Norton, CEM - Chief Operations Officer

Terry O'Neil - Vice President, Global Events

Corinne Gonzalez, CEM- Senior Director, Global Meetings and Events

Ginger Hayward - Director, Global Meetings and Events

Tangela Chance - Senior Manager, Global Events 

Contact: or 972.231.9810

Global Membership

Julie Boggs, MBA- Vice President, Membership Development

Leah Machann- Director, Membership

Casie Anderson - Senior Manager, Membership

Donna Fuoco - Membership Concierge

Contact: or 972.231.9810

Information Technology

Richard Reyes - Vice President, Digital Strategy


Marketing, Communications & Digital Experiences

Melody McLellan Vice President, MarCom & Digital Experience

Trenton Gitchuway, MBA- Digital Marketing Specialist

DeMarcus Tucker - Creative Specialist

April Linton - Marketing Coordinator

Contact: or 972.231.9810

Office Operations

Dana Baum - Director, Office Operations

Nelda Alston- Manager, Office Operations

Sarah Francis - Office Operations Coordinator

Kyranni Freeman - Executive Operations Coordinator

Contact: or 972.231.9810