Staff Directory



Bill Yanek

Chief Executive Officer

Anne Aleman

Director, Education and Resources

Bruce Condit

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Brooke Pierson

Senior Manager, Executive Operations

Cary Richmond

Senior Manager, Global Meetings and Events

Corinne Dwyer, CEM

Global Meetings and Event Manager

Ginger Hayward

Global Membership Coordinator

Joanna Brown

Senior Manager, Learning Solutions & Initiatives

Kendall Carlson

Communications & PR Manager

Lauren Culpepper

Senior Manager, Digital Content

LeeAnn Norton, CEM

Vice President, Global Events

Leah Machann

Senior Manager, Global Member Services

Meg Buckley

Senior Manager, Resource Content & Research

Nelda Alston

PRSM Director of Office Operations

Sara Sanavi

Staff Assistant / Receptionist

Shana Thomas

Director of Global Events Technology & Marketing

Shana Santoni

Vice President, Global Membership Development

Stephanie Moon

Vice President, Knowledge & Resources