New Feature Release: iVueit Launches Video Vues

New Feature Release: iVueit Launches Video Vues

May 29, 2024 | print | Industry News

Columbus, May 15, 2024 – iVueit, the leading provider of on-demand commercial & residential data collection, is pleased to announce the addition of Video Vue Surveys to its robust suite of survey options. This latest feature empowers clients to capture detailed insights through video recordings. This development deepens their clients’ capacity to inspect & evaluate diverse facets of multi-site operations across a spectrum of industries.

iVueit’s Video Vue Surveys offer a versatile solution for a wide range of inspections, This upgrade gives clients a chance to feel what it’s actually like to be on site, making insights more vivid and decisions more informed. Some key examples of how companies are leveraging Video Vue Surveys across different industries include:

  • Floor Layouts: Get a virtual tour of  the layout of homes, retail spaces, offices, or facilities for optimization and planning purposes.
  • Damage Documentation: Document damages for insurance claims, maintenance records, or property inspections.
  • Retail Merchandising: Evaluate product displays, shelf layouts, and promotional setups to ensure compliance with brand standards and maximize sales impact.
  • Compliance Verification: Conduct audits and compliance checks through video documentation to ensure adherence to regulatory standards and operational protocols.
  • Property Condition Reports: Assess the condition of properties, facilities, or equipment for maintenance planning and asset management.
  • Customer Experience: Gain insights into the visual experience for your customers at any location to better understand their perspective.
  • Asset Management: Create detailed records of assets, equipment, and inventory for inventory management and asset tracking purposes.
  • Marketing & Promotion: Capture video footage of promotional events, marketing campaigns, or branding initiatives to evaluate their effectiveness and ROI.

In addition to Video Vue Surveys, iVueit offers a range of survey options to cater to diverse data collection needs. These include measurements, signatures, photos, and dynamic survey questions with options such as single and multiple select, grouping, conditional logic, and sliders. This comprehensive suite of survey features enables clients to gather actionable insights.

Clients of iVueit can tap into their mobile workforce of over 375,000 nationwide Vuers to collect real-time and unbiased insights from the customer’s point of view. With 99% of Vues completed by Preferred Vuers, recognized for their outstanding performance and highest Vuer ratings, clients can trust in the reliability and quality of the data gathered. Furthermore, recent findings reveal that 50% of all Vues are conducted by Vuers who have successfully undergone comprehensive background checks and peer reviews by iVueit employees, ensuring an extra layer of trust and confidence in the collected data.

“Our goal is to make a difference for our clients. This feature launch is another step forward in our journey of evolving technology to meet our clients’ ever evolving requests,” said Mike Popadak, Co-Founder and CEO at iVueit. “With every feature release, we prioritize what matters most to our clients’ success, ensuring we’re always delivering solutions that make a real difference in your daily operations.”


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Nationwide site auditing platform powered by crowdsourcing to collect on-demand property insights. The platform connects businesses with a mobile workforce of on-demand (Vuers) who complete nearby jobs via the iVueit app. Offering quick and cost-effective solutions, iVueit enables its clients to remotely monitor properties, assets, or projects through real-time, geo-mapped photos and survey reports.


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