Transformative iGDT Platform Unveiled by Immersion Data Solutions

Transformative iGDT Platform Unveiled by Immersion Data Solutions

October 17, 2023 | print | Industry News

Transforming CRE Property Technology with Dynamic Reality Capture and Persistent Virtual Environments.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, October 11, 2023 — Immersion Data Solutions, a pioneering presence in commercial real estate (CRE) property technology, proudly presents the iGDT Platform, a revolutionary immersive digital twin platform that redefines property engagement. The iGDT Platform, short for Geo-spatial Digital Twin Platform, revolutionizes the industry by seamlessly merging geo-spatial data with cutting-edge immersive reality capture on a persistent, open, and dynamic architecture platform.

The iGDT Platform empowers clients with an array of transformative value propositions, allowing them to manage facilities and explore their properties in an immersive 3D virtual reality. Beyond reshaping visualization, the iGDT Platform uncovers latent potential that conventional analyses might miss, enhancing decision-making.

This groundbreaking platform enhances the realism of property experiences and fosters informed decision-making. Best-in-class high-definition 3D virtual reality ensures users engage with lifelike digital replicas of properties, enriching their insights.

Built on an open architecture foundation, the iGDT Platform is adaptable, promoting seamless integration with other technologies and bolstering functionality and value. The platform's persistence guarantees an unchanged virtual environment over time, ensuring data integrity and analysis continuity.

The "iGDT Experience" embodies the platform's dynamic essence, granting real-time insights and actionable information, akin to the properties themselves. The iGDT Platform marks a paradigm shift, enabling multi-site portfolio management with a 360° view, eliminating the need for a physical presence.

As a leader in CRE property technology, Immersion Data Solutions continues its legacy of innovation with the iGDT Platform, empowering clients to navigate properties through an immersive, data-rich, and dynamic virtual realm, unlocking unrealized value and optimizing decision-making across the entire property lifecycle.

About Immersion Data Solutions:

With 11 years of innovation and collaboration in immersive technology, Immersion Data Solutions stands as a trusted leader in CRE property technology. The company empowers clients to maximize property potential through digital twins and immersive reality across sectors like facilities management, retail, construction, and property management.

For more information on the iGDT Platform and IDS contact:

Krissie Mason 

Platform Marketing Manager

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