Ed Donaghy of Extra Space Storage Earns ProFM Credential

Ed Donaghy of Extra Space Storage Earns ProFM Credential

February 22, 2022 | print | Connex News

Ed Donaghy, Director, Facility Services – Northeast, Extra Space Storage has earned his ProFM Certification. Read below to see why the ProFM was a great fit for him.

How will the knowledge gained from the ProFM program help you in your day-to-day work responsibilities and/or in your career overall?

The information taught during the ProFM class covered many topics that overlapped with what I do daily at Extra Space Storage. Being able to review each topic in more detail will help me make good business decisions in the future weather dealing with a certain asset or personal. 

How will the knowledge you gain through the ProFM help your company? 

I can see the knowledge I learned helping me with the training of our newer managers on explaining the “why” we do certain things or follow certain policy’s. 

Would you recommend that other FM professionals earn the ProFM credential? 

I would, the ProFM course was very challenging and covered a wide range of Facility management topics that a facility manager would use daily.

The ProFM credential defines global FM standards and provides facility professionals with the knowledge and skills that have evolved beyond traditional FM responsibilities. Now is a great time to earn the credential. For more information about the ProFM credential, click here.

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