Stash Romanowicz of T-Mobile Earns ProFM Credential

Stash Romanowicz of T-Mobile Earns ProFM Credential

February 16, 2022 | print | Connex News

Stash Romanowicz, P.E., PMP, ProFM, Sr Program Manager, National Retail Facilities, Disaster Response & Recovery, T-Mobile has earned his ProFM Certification. Read below to see why the ProFM was a great fit for him.

How will the knowledge gained from the ProFM program help you in your day-to-day work responsibilities and/or in your career overall?

The ProFM has been helpful in sharpening my existing knowledge and skills while “filling-in the cracks” with new concepts to reinforce a well-rounded professional background.  Having years of experience in the Facilities Management, this program has provided a great opportunity to look at this comprehensive material from a fresh perspective.  In looking at my career, I appreciate how the ProFM would have helped me at any stage of my professional journey.

How will the knowledge you gain through the ProFM help your company?

The ProFM program provides a standard for the level of knowledge, competencies, skills, and abilities of the FM team.  In addition, it sets a common language across the FM organization, fosters an environment that promotes innovation, encourages greater efficiencies, and delivery of more effective results.

Would you recommend that other FM professionals earn the ProFM credential?

The ProFM is valuable at any point in your career.  It’s a comprehensive curriculum that allows you to reinforce and absorb the Functional FM Knowledge Areas that are most relevant to you.  There are multiple ways to take this program through instructor-led groups or self-study and using the online resources or printed materials, which provide a flexibility to fit into most personal or professional schedules.


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The ProFM credential defines global FM standards and provides facility professionals with the knowledge and skills that have evolved beyond traditional FM responsibilities. Now is a great time to earn the credential. For more information about the ProFM credential, click here.



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