Brian Amoroso of Ferrandino & Son earns ProFM credential

Brian Amoroso of Ferrandino & Son earns ProFM credential

March 24, 2020 | print | Industry News

Ferrandino and Son, Inc. continues to add employees to the ProFM ranks. Brian Amoroso, Vice President of Program Management, has earned the coveted ProFM credential.


1.      Why did you choose the ProFM program?

Making the choice to utilize the ProFM credential program was an easy one. As a leader in FM educational programs, the ProFM course and credential allows me to utilize my existing experience to help create sustainable building management practices, while also impacting Ferrandino & Son’s economic, environmental and social bottom lines.


2.      How did you use the study tools – reading and online quizzes - to progress through the program?

As a father of three the online study material, quizzes, and support modules were extremely easy to use – especially with limited free time. Reading through the material, taking the quizzes, and accessing the supporting modules really made a difference when taking the knowledge and applications tests.


3.      How will the knowledge gained from the ProFM program help you in your day-to-day work responsibilities and/or in your career overall?

Understanding that FM best practices and procedures are always being updated and improved upon, I am confident that ProFM will continue to create meaningful training that I can use to deliver clear and actionable goals to my teams. While identifying our goals is the first step, the ProFM program has taught me how to lay out a defined execution plan to meet and exceed our strategic targets.


4.      How will the knowledge you gain through the ProFM benefit your company?

Aligning with ProFM and its wealth of knowledge, educators, and experts will allow Ferrandino & Son to continue to be a leader the field of Facility Management. The ProFM program contains resources that myself and my team can use on a daily basis to meet and exceed our goals. Establishing our internal network of ProFM designees at F&S will raise the bar and provide new and exciting ways to apply this information to all trades we manage for our Clients.


5.      Why would you recommend that other suppliers earn the ProFM credential?

Earning the ProFM credential is the clear choice when it comes to FM educational programs. A ProFM credential coupled with work experience elevates the prospects of landing the perfect job or increases the chances of getting that promotion. Understanding and implementing the wealth of knowledge offered to you through these courses will not only separate a candidate from their peers, but will enhance their decision making and execution related to all things FM.


The ProFM credential defines global FM standards and provides facility professionals with the knowledge and skills that have evolved beyond traditional FM responsibilities. Now is a great time to earn the credential. For more information about the ProFM credential, click here.

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