Making a difference!

Making a difference!

June 06, 2019 | print | Connex News

A salute to the Connex Foundation Charity Team

A special Denver family wants to salute the Connex Foundation Charity team for their work on the Denver VOA Family Motel and especially for the basketball goal and basketballs. 

David, a new resident of the VOA Family Motel wrote an email to Kevin Kenyon, Director of Field Services for National Coating Solutions, and a volunteer leader for the Connex Foundation Charity projects, expressing his appreciation for the work done at the motel. 

The email read: “Hello, my name is David my family and I have been blessed to be here off the streets. I have two girls and two boys…my oldest son rarely gets to play with kids his age outside of school. Your basketball rim gift to this place (VOA Family Motel) is a rich blessing and unites the families here. This helps us all get through our hard times better. Thank you so much and God bless you.” 

The Connex Foundation Charity is making a real difference in the lives of real people. You can make a difference too. Contribute to the Foundation and to the Connex Foundation Charity projects.

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