PRSM Selects Mohanna as Ad Sales Firm

PRSM Selects Mohanna as Ad Sales Firm

Effective October 10, Mohanna Sales Representatives will begin serving as PRSM’s official advertising sales partner. Mohanna will be responsible for selling advertising in Retail Store Maintenance magazine, INSIDE PRSM, PRSM WEEKLY, PRSM.COM, the PRSM Online Buyers Guide located on, and other media channels. Mohanna will provide services formerly provided by Naylor and Associates.

Representatives from Mohanna will be contacting PRSM suppliers via email and telephone to discuss how they could partner with you to market your products and services to the PRSM membership.   

Like any organization that has conducted business the same way for several years, PRSM did not make this change without serious consideration. “We believe Mohanna will provide PRSM members with new and innovative approaches to market their services, and they will use a new consultative, personal approach to advertising sales,” said Bruce Condit, PRSM’s Vice President Marketing and Communications.

Mohanna Sales Representatives is an independent publisher’s representative firm founded in 1979, located in Plano, Texas. They have a wealth of association marketing/advertising and media knowledge, as well as a talented, proven sales team.

PRSM Suppliers are encouraged to contact Mohanna by calling 214-291-3653 or email You may also contact,  or call the PRSM office for more information.