Helpful Information for Guests

1. ConnexFM staff will contact applicable speakers for each week’s theme. We are looking for Subject Matter Experts to speak to best practices, case studies and trends in the FM industry. Sales pitches are not allowed.

a. The interview utilizes Zoom – including the camera and microphone functions.

b. The interview will take about 10 – 15 minutes. However, we schedule it for 30-minutes to secure the speaker's time.

c. The interview is edited. Although it is preferred to record in one take, speakers can rephrase as needed. 

2. Speakers will need to send a high-resolution headshot for social media graphics. Speakers are allowed to share on their own social media.

Tips for Guests

• No virtual backgrounds – When edited, the quality of the video is lowered.
• In Zoom, ensure your HQ quality setting is turned on.
• Mute your cell phone.
• Turn off notifications on your computer.
• Look at your webcam instead of the screen. Consider raising your computer so your camera is centered.
• Practice to ensure you do not seem as if reading.
• If using Wi-Fi, consider removing other devices during the recording to ensure a good connection.

Members who are interested in appearing on The Daily Grind can fill out the guest form to get started. Please send any questions to Meg Buckley at

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