One Minute With Gregg Ross

One Minute With Gregg Ross

Co-Founder, 23rd Group LLC

“The FM industry is not for everyone. It’s a tough and challenging field, fraught with stress, but so amazingly rewarding.”

On Cofounding the 23rd Group

“I was inspired to build a superior facility management company, whose commitment and ethos is firmly rooted in solving industry challenges, confronting industry norms and implementing bold solutions to advance customer objectives.”

Words of Wisdom

“Listen to your customers about their challenges, pain points and what keeps them up at night. Then, deliver for them.”

Advice for someone starting out?

“Be committed to industry education and personal improvement measures, join industry committees, develop a keen sense of vision to sidestep challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Most importantly, never, ever get comfortable.”


“My day starts with saying ‘Good morning’ to each employee and ensuring they are engaged in the process and passionate about delivering superior customer service. I also review and analyze performance and financial reporting metrics to identify trends and isolate potential issues and strategies that can be implemented both internally and externally.”

Published: July 01, 2019