Skills to Get the Job Done

Skills to Get the Job Done

New online education helps FM professionals succeed.

Are you new to Facilities Management (FM)? Are you assuming a new FM role? Are you looking for traditional FM roles explained in easy to understand terms?

Competencies of Facilities Management in Multi-Site & Retail is an intermediate online education series that features eight comprehensive courses of general skills needed by facilities management professionals. The series, developed by Michel Theriault, Principal, Strategic Advisor, FM Insight Consulting Ltd., provides updated information previously found in the “RFMP Study Courses.”

“The Competencies of FM is a resource for seasoned FM professionals. It describes major processes step-by-step and allows you to understand how your industry knowledge can be applied to everyday FM situations,” said Mike McAfee, RFMP, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Manager of Facilities.

Managing Routine and Emergency Repair/Replacement Processes

This course discusses the routine and emergency repair/replacement request process. It includes collecting information, analyzing and making decisions, and then acting to resolve the request.

Preventive Maintenance

Managing scheduled, routine maintenance activities on equipment is explained. It involves establishing the maintenance activities, managing through completion, dealing with follow-up requests and ensuring work is completed properly.

Managing a Project Roll-Out

This course describes Project Roll-Outs and the project management techniques you can use to make your Roll-Outs more successful. It includes information about traditional project phases such as initiating the project, defining the project, developing a project plan, executing the Project Roll-Out and, finally, closing out the project.

New Store Turnover

How to open a new store that has been assigned to you for operation and maintenance is highlighted in this course. It includes information on lease responsibilities, interfaces and communications, and procuring services for the store.

Closing an Existing Store

This course explains how to close an existing store, whether in a leased location or a corporate-owned building.

Maintaining Accurate Database Information

Maintaining and using service, or other related data, is discussed in this course. It describes how to capture and use the data; keep data up-to-date; create reports; analyze and use it for making repair, maintenance and replacement decisions; as well as assessing performance.

Managing Assets

This course discusses how to manage building assets. It includes information about assessing condition, code requirements, health and safety, operational impacts and making repair-and-replace decisions, as well as assessing preventative maintenance needs.

Executing a Disaster Management Plan

This course will help with development and implementation of a Disaster Management Plan for your stores. It involves developing a plan, responding to disasters and suggested follow-up actions. 

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Published: July 01, 2019