Introducing the Connex Online Buyer’s Guide

Introducing the Connex Online Buyer’s Guide

A faster way to find the perfect match. helps people find the perfect date. When facility managers need to find the perfect supplier, it can be challenging. Connex now has the answer: the new “” for FMs — otherwise known as the Connex Online Buyer’s Guide.

The new Connex Online Buyer’s Guide is unlike any online directory in the industry. Created under the guidance of the Connex Sourcing Committee, it empowers users to search using specific criteria, such as services, products or consulting, and by location, state/region or across the nation. The more criteria entered, the more accurate the search results.

“The Connex Sourcing Committee spent six months reviewing the previous online buyer’s guide and identifying issues that needed to be addressed,” said Gregg Ross, Co-Founder of 23rd Group. “The No. 1 complaint from retailers was the lack of accuracy in search results and the inability to search by geographic location. The new Connex Online Buyer’s Guide addresses both issues.”

To ensure suppliers were only listed in the correct categories and to increase the accuracy of the search results, Connex deleted all the selections previously made by suppliers. Cleaning up the database and having suppliers re-select their categories dramatically increased the directory’s accuracy. Suppliers must update their categories or they will not appear in search results.

In addition, the new site provides suppliers the opportunity to purchase an upgraded listing that includes a mini-website. Suppliers can use the mini-website for information about their services, products, staff, locations and company news, along with photos of key personnel and their individual contact information, making it easier for FMs to know exactly whom they need to contact. The Connex Online Buyer’s Guide is also self-service, allowing suppliers to update their information anytime.

Suppliers can also purchase “Featured Company” sponsorships and upload photos to the Community Feed on the Connex Online Buyer’s Guide that promote company events, employee or community projects, etc.

A new blog page on the Connex Online Buyer’s Guide enables suppliers to upload company news and other industry-related announcements, further promoting their industry expertise and accomplishments.

To learn more, suppliers should email Mark Mohanna at

Published: July 01, 2019