Highlights from PRSM’s Janitorial Best Practices

Highlights from PRSM’s Janitorial Best Practices

One of the regular publications PRSM delivers to its members is a collection of case studies that consolidates best practices for facilities management professionals. 

This year’s Best Practices continues in that vein but with a new focus. Now, each publication will highlight the best practices in a single trade, with greater emphasis on real-world examples and practical processes to implement.

The first thematic Best Practices features important insights on floor-care programs. With articles from previous Best Practices Books as well as new material, this resource has the “best of the best” in case studies and best practices.

Subject matter experts on PRSM’s Best Practices Committee have selected 11 articles covering a range of topics, from self-performing vs. third-party service delivery to attendance tracking to standardizing a chemical cleaning program. The articles included provide real-world examples of cost savings, labor efficiencies and guides on evaluating and implementing new programs. A special section on floor types addresses maintenance of standard as well as newer, increasingly popular flooring materials and how they affect supplier planning.

These articles and others offer a wealth of valuable information for retail facilities managers as well as suppliers of floor-care services. Beyond the practical advice offered in the resource, members can get some satisfaction through knowing, as PRSM CEO Bill Yanek said in the publication’s foreword, “PRSM Members [are] not alone when dealing with day-to-day challenges.”


Sidebar: Takeaways from the Best Practices: Janitorial

Here is a small sample of the advice and best practices discussed:

On maximizing your training efforts:

“Understand how people learn best—training methods need to be compatible with individual preferences. Provide a manual, [offer] verbal explanations and physically demonstrate the desired behavior.”

On developing an annual floor cleaning schedule to deliver the most consistent, high-quality service:

“For those areas with the highest traffic volumes, extra high-intensity cleanings were specified and were able to be accomplished due to the reduction of overall cleanings.”

On converting from a locally managed janitorial program to a corporate one:

“Reassure local site/store managers … that this decision was thoroughly researched and evaluated internally, and suppliers were properly vetted before they were selected.”

Call to Action: Help Us Shape Future Best Practices 

We are looking for members to help produce Best Practices on HVAC and Lighting. In 2019, the PRSM Best Practices Committee, subject matter experts and PRSM staff will review PRSM’s Best Practices on HVAC and Lighting to create two new publications. If you would like to serve as a subject matter expert or sponsor, please email resources@prsm.com. To purchase a copy of PRSM’s Janitorial Best Practices, visit prsm.com. 

Published: January 31, 2019