CEO’s Column

CEO’s Column


“If you don’t innovate, you die.” 

– Gary Vaynerchuk


April 30, 2023…  

PRSM’s National Conference in 2023 just shattered attendance records. PRSM’s keynote speaker, newly elected President of the United States, Mel Robbins, knocked it out of the park. President Robbins recounted her PRSM2019 keynote, which was the springboard for her unlikely election (on a platform of “We Told You So: Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Will Always Rock”). As usual, Robbins brought the room to its feet. After the live event, PRSM2023—on-demand engagement of PRSM content—reached all-time highs. 


The Road to PRSM2023 was paved with:   

Focus. Internally, PRSM is undertaking a “cultural evolution” that emphasizes improved technology and member engagement to better anticipate, identify and respond to industry trends. PRSM is prioritizing efforts to focus on those issues most important to the membership.

On Demand. Externally, PRSM is examining its market position, staff structure and headquarters location to best serve a membership that spans North America. Wherever and however PRSM does business, our mantra is becoming “on demand.” PRSM will be where our members are and deliver in ways our members demand.

Growing. Overall, PRSM must commit to grow. Most PRSM members are in Southern California, Greater New York City and Dallas, Texas. PRSM2023 includes a permanent association presence in those metro areas. PRSM events will also be tailored to these local markets. While the PRSM National Conference will remain the linchpin of our event lineup, PRSM will be local, on demand and in those markets where our members do the most business.


PRSM in 2019

Now that you have seen the future, what’s great about 2019? Well, in April, we will welcome Mel Robbins to PRSM2019 Conference at the Gaylord Rockies. She will tee up our National Conference, where attendees will access PRSM’s top-notch networking and world-class FM education sessions. PRSM2019 will feature education tracks focused on:

Mixed Use and the Retail Renaissance

Medical Retail

Building Executive Presence (Young Professional)

Navigating Federal Tax Laws Impacting Small Business Owners



If you are a PRSM member located in Greater New York City or Southern California, PRSM wants to see you in person more often! We will develop quarterly retailer luncheon meetings in these markets as part of the PRSM local effort. Contact me at if you want to be involved in developing these local events.


Episodes of the Road S2023

As we continue our journey to 2023, I will update you using monthly video updates. Please take a moment to visit the News Section of or follow us on Twitter @PRSMAssociation to view the latest videos and keep up with our progress toward 2023. 

Published: January 31, 2019