Getting to know the new, improved

Getting to know the new, improved

Faster, Mobile, New Communities

Technology is a large part of the PRSM 2023 strategic plan, and what better place to start than the website? Shortly after PRSM2018 National Conference convened, the process of redesigning to a more member-friendly tool, began. The website’s ultimate goal is to be an intersection for varying member needs, including but not limited to: mobile responsiveness, educational resources, networking, and industry news.

Whether members are at their desk or on-the-go traveling, accessing the website is now easier than ever. Mobile responsiveness allows users to switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile while finding members in the online directory, reading the latest Benchmarking report, or getting involved in a PRSM Community discussion.

The improved search function on the website and the PRSM Community enables members to search by keyword, author/presenter, or company. Whether you use a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, searching for any topic now provides the same consistent information.

Top searches include: HVAC, Doors, Roof, P&L, SLA, Lighting-Energy Savings, and 2018 Retailer Return on Investment (ROI)

Directly from the homepage, members can easily use the top navigation bar to select certain content, use the search tool, or scroll down the page for quick access to the latest events, education, resources, or news. The enhanced scroll feature is broken out into these main topic areas and enables members to quickly find webinars, conference video sessions, benchmarking reports, tools, templates and more.

PRSM Community has replaced the old X-Change as the place for members to connect, ask questions, discuss relevant topics, and share information. Community types have been expanded to include an open forum, where regardless of member type, you can talk to each other, and ask or answer questions.

Communities for PRSM committees, retailers, suppliers, and special interest groups will remain private. New features in the PRSM Community include event listings, blogs, and shared files. Blogs can be authored and posted by PRSM Staff or members. Shared files and all website content will be easily searchable.

A new, single sign-on for the member database and website, makes all of these tools and resources readily available. The online member directory will be consistent, regardless of where members search and include the most up-to-date information.  To ensure PRSM has your latest information, don’t forget to log in and update your member preferences!

Published: November 19, 2018