Resources for FMs in Canada

Connex has an active Multi-Site Canadian Council to address the FM needs in Canada. The council is open to all multi-site members in the retail industry. Connect with the Canadian Council on the Connex Community site. The Council supports the Connex mission statement and directives of the Connex Canadian Advisory Group.

This elite network, within our exclusive Connex membership, is to be consultative. The council will serve and assist Connex in creating education, events, resources and networking while facilitating growth within the Canada facilities vertical.

Canadian Community

The Connex Canadian Community is your place to connect with local facilities industry colleagues in the Canadian market to ask questions, share insights, or conduct committee business. The Connex Canadian Community is open to all active members located in Canada. Connex Members can sign in using their Connex account. 

Canadian Resources

The Canadian Comparison - 2019 Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry Overview Benchmarking Report showcases the unique perspective of our Canadian Members by comparing data from the Connex Benchmarking Tool of facilities with a retail presence in Canada versus those with stores only in the United States. Download this exclusive report to see how Canadian facilities differ in size, number of locations, staffing and budgets.

Utilities Consumption in Canada - The intent of this study was to customize a report from Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency to help the retail industry benchmark energy consumption across all 10 provinces. In addition to providing data for total retail store energy consumption, the report also provides the same data for warehouses in Canada.

Strategic Sourcing in Canada: A Retailer's Perspective - Sourcing in the retail market in Canada has changed in the last few years as the economic climate has changed consumers’ attitudes and buying habits. Retailers have had to adapt and evolve to Canadian consumers’ shifting behavior and purchasing habits in order to remain competitive within the retail marketplace. These new changes have tremendously impacted how retail facilities managers source service providers and products for their facilities. Participants will review: Current retail market in Canada Market challenges when it comes to sourcing vendors How to implement strategic sourcing principles that promote control and compliance Supply market structure, how it works How to align sourcing objectives with your brand.

Canadian Webinars

Lessons Learned From the Great Freeze of 2013 (Canada Focus) - Consequences of persistent cold snaps, freezes, brutal winds and fierce blizzards were not part of anyone’s New Year’s Resolution! However, start of 2013 was marked with record-breaking snowfall and low temperatures. The impact logistically and financially left many retailers dealing with emergencies, creatively rectifying them in the most cost effective way. As many are preparing RFPs for the next winter season, this panel will review lessons learned and adjustments they anticipate moving forward.

Harvesting Hidden Energy Savings: CO2 Demand Controlled Ventilation (Canadian Focus) - This webinar is intended to provide facility managers a firm understanding of the history of CO2 demand controlled ventilation and its evolution to main stream energy savings. By attending, you will: Be provided with unique Canadian perspective on how to quantify savings in Canada Learn how CO2 demand control ventilation can be integrated in your current facilities Understand the role of economizer control in optimizing DCV in building performance Predict energy savings resulting from a CO2 controlled strategy Review Canadian case studies that show energy savings in retail applications Examine rebate opportunities for retrofits for CO2 DCV energy in Canada.

Canadian Council

Connex is creating a Multi-Site Canada Council to address the FM needs of the Canada retailers. The council is open to all multi-site members in the retail industry. Connect with the Canadian Council on the Connex Community site. More information about the Connex Canadian Council will be available soon. Learn more or sign up.

Canadian Livestreams

Find Canadian FM specific topics of The Daily Grind. Where you find new solutions, answers to important questions and the connections you need to excel. Hosted by Connex FM CEO Bill Yanek. Airs Monday - Friday at 2 p.m. Central.