Ambassador Referral Program

Connex Association Brings You The New and Exclusive Ambassador Club Member Referral Program

With the referral of a new multi-site FM member, you will be inducted into the Connex Ambassador Club. Awards will be given for the various levels of referrals that result in membership. Recognition will be given for annual and lifetime referrals.

    Help build the Connex community and invest in your industry, your company, and yourself.

    Recruiting New Retail Members is Easy and Fun 

    Help spread the word about Connex and be rewarded for it. Not only can you help advance a colleague's career, but you might just earn some exciting rewards doing so.  When you recruit a new retail member, you ensure that the organization continues to grow and supports the careers of multi-site retail facilities professionals, who drive this dynamic field.

    Top Three Reasons for Connex Members to Refer New Multi-site/Retail Members:

    1. Create a stronger community of peers for collaborating, contributing and connecting
    2. Help your industry friends and colleagues by introducing them to the benefits of the Connex membership
    3. Be recognized as a Connex Ambassador Club member

    Apprentice:  1 new multi-site/retail member (receives bronze-colored lapel pin)

    Journeyman: 3 new multi-site/retail members (receives silver-colored lapel pin)

    Master: 6 new multi-site/retail members (receives gold-colored lapel pin)

    Bronze: 10 total new multi-site/retail members (receives plaque with bronze plate)

    Silver: 20 total new multi-site/retail members (receives a plaque or statue with silver)

    Gold: 30 total new multi-site/retail members (receives a plaque or statue with gold)

    Platinum: 50 total new multi-site/retail members (receives a glass or acrylic statue)

    To receive your referral credit, you must email, with the multi-site/retail prospect’s company name, contact name, email address and phone number. The new member can join online, by phone, or by mail using your name. It’s that easy!

  • Connex Ambassador Club is open to active Connex Multi-site/Retail and Supplier members only.
  • Referral credits will only be granted if the current member’s information is provided at the time of application.
  • Connex reserves the right to change the dates of this program.
  • A new multi-site/retail member will be officially credited to the recruiter when new membership has become active by paying for a full multi-site/retailer membership rate.
  • Referral credits may not be combined with other programs offered, such as our Priority Points program for conference exhibitors.
  • Connex makes no cash payments or refunds as part of this program.
  • To receive referral credit, you must email and include the retail prospects: Company Name, Contact Name,
  • Phone Number and Email address or your name must appear in the "Referred By" section of the online or paper application at the time the new membership application is being processed.
  • If a new member calls the Connex Member Relations team to become a new member, they must mention the member that recruited them at that time.
  • For every new multi-site/retail member application processed, the recruiter will receive credit towards the Ambassador Club awards.
  • There is no limit to the number of members you can recruit.
  • Connex has the right to rescind referral credits if the new member cancels his/her membership within the first six months.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Member Relations Team at 972.231.9810