Retail Facilities 101

Connex’s goal is to provide committed, dedicated retail facility management professionals with basic technical trade knowledge that is valuable in the marketplace. The Retail Facilities 101 Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum of specific and practical trade information about the multi-site retail facilities environment. It is based on an outline that includes the essential trade concepts required of a competent retail facility professional.

The curriculum ensures all subject matter, learning objectives and key terminology are covered in a comprehensive manner and provides for increased learning and comprehension by the participant. The curriculum is a “living document,” reviewed and updated on regular intervals, so it remains a dependable source of specific and current practical knowledge.

Who Should Attend? 

  • FM professionals who need to increase basic knowledge in a specific trade
  • Seasoned professionals transitioning into the FM role
  • Young professionals entering the FM field

Earn Your Certificate of Completion – The steps are easy!

1. Plan your training over a 12- month period;
2. Register for course(s); and
3. Attend and complete the evaluation(s).

Individual Course: $80 members | $150 non-members
Bundle: $495 members | $695 non-members

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