Resources for FMs in Food & Beverage

ConnexFM has an active Food & Beverage Council to serve members within the supermarket, grocery, convenience, health food, candy, coffee shop, restaurant, and similar establishments.

This elite network, within our exclusive ConnexFM membership, is consultative. The council serves to assist ConnexFM in creating education, events, resources, and networking while facilitating growth within the Food & Beverage vertical.

White Papers

In Keeping Your Cool: An Introduction to Retail Refrigeration Basics - Part 1 retail facilities management professionals will learn about basic refrigeration principles and theories, the increasing complexity of refrigeration equipment, Regulations and public safety issues related to refrigeration, selecting the right refrigeration equipment, different types of cyclical refrigeration maintenance programs, and best practices when working with refrigeration suppliers and service companies.

In Keeping Your Cool: Preventive & Routine Maintenance for Retail Refrigeration Systems - Part 2 this White Paper addresses the importance of both preventive and routine maintenance of retail refrigeration systems. It also describes how these systems operate, ways to reduce and potentially avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and the importance of adhering to environmental regulations.

In Refrigeration Preventive & Routine Maintenance Toolkit these checklist templates can be used to develop site-specific Refrigeration Preventive & Routine Maintenance manuals. They can be used in conjunction with or independently of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Use these templates as a starting point for data collection and tracking, and customize them to address specific issues relevant to your individual company, location or equipment types.


In Food & Beverage Town Hall – Who’s Hangry To Reduce Maintenance Calls? join the Food & Beverage Committee as they share Simple Solutions and Tips associated with Parts and Equipment Supply Chain Shortages.

Magazine Articles

In Food Waste Series Part 1 - Waste Not, Want Not Read how food waste is a massive problem. Reducing it in your facilities could help people, the environment and maybe even your bottom line.

In Food Waste Series Part 2 - Turning Food Waste into Food Wealth Food diversion can help your business turn trash into treasure and scraps into sustenance.

In Food Waste Series Part 3 – Scraps of Success Companies that compost food scraps feed the soil — not to mention their bottom line.

In Food Waste Series Part 4 – Fueling Sustainability With anaerobic digestion, companies can reduce not only their waste, but also their carbon footprint while producing energy.

In Connexus Issue 4: The Council Advantage The Future of Consumer Comfort, focuses on seven of the most impactful changes for consumers and facilities teams alike. In this article, ConnexFM’s Food & Beverage Council shares how life changed in the aftermath of Covid-19. How consumers check (and what the experience looks like) and an increased emphasis on cleanliness and air quality are just some the many necessary improvements that have now become standards within the industry.

In Connexus Magazine Article: Clean-Eating Retailers adding foodservice to their stores face unique cleaning challenges.

In Connexus Magazine Article: Slicing and Dicing Kitchen Equipment What FMs should know before outfitting a foodservice space.

In Connexus Magazine Article: Unwanted Guests From pests to fires, experts dish out advice for facility managers adding foodservice experiences to multi-site facilities.

In Retail Store Maintenance Magazine May-June 2017 In today’s ever-shifting regulatory world, it’s more critical than ever for FMs to keep track of sustainability ordinances at the local, state and federal level. Find out how others are doing their part to become more sustainable. This issues includes articles on The NYC Carbon Challenge, sustainable practices to minimize food waste, Smart irrigation systems key to reducing water use, and How Waste Diversion Metrics Enhance Store Planning.

Food & Beverage Council

The council is open to all ConnexFM multi-site and supplier members in the multi-site facilities management industry. Connect with the Food & Beverage Council online. Learn more or sign up.

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