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Connex has curated the most relevant pandemic resources to assist members during this challenging time. These resources are updated frequently to ensure accuracy and provide the latest information. Browse the segmented resources below.

Personal Protective Equipment Sourcing [ NEW ]

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for retail as each state maps a safe way reopen without contributing to the spread of disease. Sourcing these items is currently a challenge due to high demand. Connex has polled our supplier members and is now maintaining a list of companies that can provide PPE and sanitation solutions.

Daily Livestream

Connex has launched a live daily broadcast online that addresses COVID-19 issues impacting multi-site FMs. Tune in everyday at 1 p.m

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Trust in Connex to deliver essential pandemic information and alerts from reliable sources.

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Online training, downloadable resources, webinars, and more.

Online Community

The Connex Community is your place to connect with facilities industry colleagues to ask questions and share insights related to the ongoing pandemic.

Virtual Events

Virtual events to adress FM specific challenges related to pandemics.

Directories & Buyer’s Guide

Connect with FMs and suppliers to find what you need, when you need it most.

Career Connexion

A dedicated FM career portal for job seekers and employers.

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Pandemic headlines and highlights that matter to the FM industry.

Connex Resources

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  • Cleaning Resources
  • Dark Store Resources
  • Industry Alliance Partners

Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have emphasized the importance of cleaning in controlling the COVID-19 virus. Connex has free cleaning resources available to members. They are as follows:

Practical Approaches: Janitorial - The Connex Practical Approaches: Janitorial is a collection of Connex’s most actionable and dependable case studies that support facilities management professionals as they develop and execute janitorial programs. The publication covers how to manage different aspects of a janitorial program such as: developing the scope of work, establishing a cleaning schedule, how to maintain different floor surfaces and in-house vs. out-of-house programs.

Janitorial Workload Tool. 2.0 - The purpose of the tool is to help retailers generate an accurate scope of work by quantifying cleanliness and removing subjectivity. It can also serve as a tool to help retailers determine and maintain their brand standards (level of cleanliness desired) and to gauge staffing requirements and costs. This could enable open conversations with the organization's internal teams, such as finance, operations and store development plus supplier partners. This tool was developed by the PRSM Benchmarking Committee in collaboration with Simon Institute and Michigan State University.

Retail Store Maintenance Magazine Cleaning Issue - Connex/PRSM's cleaning issue of the Retail Store Maintenance Magazine published (February 2019)

Pandemic Maps - Stay up to date with links to information and interactive maps that depict the impact of COVID-19 in the U.S. and Canada.

Connex members are temporally closing stores in record numbers as the pandemic situation continues to unfold. Connex offers the following downloadable resources for helping FMs manage their dark stores.

Dark Stores: How to Conquer Important Maintenance Challenges - This white paper covers three different approaches to maintaining vacant locations. These approaches are labeled: deliberate non-involvement, necessary involvement and all-inclusive involvement. Each approach requires a varying level of time, effort, and cost. Therefore, facility professionals will choose the approach, or combination of approaches, for their companies’ inventory of dark stores that allows them to react and adjust to the constantly changing environment and, based on the cost/benefit ratio, will allow them to meet their budgets.

Connex Store Shut Down Checklist Form - The Store Shut Down Checklist Form is a completely customizable template to help your brand assess the current status of each of your stores prior to shut down. After assessing whether an action has taken place, the form includes how best to proceed.

Connex Dark Store Condition Assessment Form - The Dark Store Condition Assessment is a completely customizable template to help your brand assess the current status of each of your stores. Each section has different items to be rated. At the end of the assessment, you will have a rating for the entire facility. This rating can be used to compare different properties and prioritize.

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