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Connex provides committed, dedicated retail facility management professionals with basic technical trade knowledge that is valuable in the marketplace. Our online courses provide step-by-step information on the fundamentals of facilities management.

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Building Your FM Department

This course was created by the president of FM360, LLC, John Rimer, CFM. John has over 20 years’ facility management experience in a variety of capacities and industries. Using his breadth of knowledge and diverse expertise, John has developed this comprehensive online educational series. During this course, he will take you through the steps of building a facilities department. Whether you are starting from the ground up or trying to dig out, these condensed sessions will provide practical instructions, useful homework, and resources that will help you assemble, sell, and implement a plan to move forward.

This course includes 9 modules:

  • Getting a Lay of the Land
  • Make a Plan
  • Plan for Facility Operations & Maintenance
  • Plan Staff Development
  • Emergency Response Management
  • Plan for Replacement
  • Work Smarter through Facilities Technology
  • Selecting and Implementing Technology
  • Budgeting for Success


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Building a Healthy FM Team

The principles of two firms, Stormy Friday (The Friday Group) and Doug Kincaid (Applied Management Engineering) have come together to develop this course, “Building a Healthy FM Team.” As leading experts in establishing standards for creating FM organization that excel in service delivery work, these leading-edge modules explore how to determine your staffing needs, tools to recruit and retain staff and developing a plan for long-term success.

This course includes 4 modules:

Module 1: Assessing Skills Needs and Gaps for Current and Future Staff within FM Organizations
Module 2: Tools and Techniques for Recruiting FM Staff
Module 3: Creating a Professional Development Strategy for the FM Organization
Module 4: Building a Legacy FM Team

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to create a gap analysis that will aid your plan for developing your team.
  • Learn how to build your recruitment strategy and create the team you need.
  • Identify the best venues for education and training and sell the needed budget to senior executives.
  • Learn how to share your organizations cross cultural staff goal-setting skills and information sharing.


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Competencies of Facilities Management in Multi-Site & Retail

The Competencies of FM is an intermediate online education course that features eight comprehensive courses of general skills needed for facilities management professionals. The series, developed by Michel Theriault, Principal, Strategic Advisor, FM Insight Consulting Ltd. has updated information previously found in the “RFMP Study Courses.”

Courses include:

  • Managing Routine and Emergency Repair/Replacement Processes
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Managing a Project Roll Out
  • New Store Turnover
  • Closing an Existing Store
  • Maintaining Accurate Database Information
  • Managing Assets
  • Executing a Disaster Management Plan


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Retail Facilities 101

Connex’s goal is to provide committed, dedicated retail facility management professionals with basic technical trade knowledge that is valuable in the marketplace. The Retail Facilities 101 Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum of specific and practical trade information about the multi-site retail facilities environment. It is based on an outline that includes the essential trade concepts required of a competent retail facility professional.

The curriculum ensures all subject matter, learning objectives and key terminology are covered in a comprehensive manner and provides for increased learning and comprehension by the participant. The curriculum is a “living document,” reviewed and updated on regular intervals, so it remains a dependable source of specific and current practical knowledge.

Who Should Attend? 

  • FM professionals who need to increase basic knowledge in a specific trade
  • Seasoned professionals transitioning into the FM role
  • Young professionals entering the FM field


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1. Plan your training over a 12- month period;
2. Register for course(s); and
3. Attend and complete the evaluation(s).

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The Unfiltered Truth: HVAC Air Filtration Series

The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in a surge of questions, recommendations, and code-required changes with respect to indoor air quality. Increased ventilation, higher efficiency air filters, bi-polar ionization, and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation are now being considered (and implemented in some cases) by building operators. Join us for this three-part series, where HVAC experts share the indoor air quality knowledge you need to help make the right decisions for your facilities!

  • Part 1: Learn the fundamentals of HVAC air filtration and filter options. Discover what considerations to make when choosing a filter based on your needs and the impact on your HVAC system.
  • Part 2: Dig deeper and uncover the unfiltered truth on the immediate and long-term effects that increased filtration can have on HVAC equipment operation, maintenance requirements, and costs, as well as equipment modifications that may be required to accommodate higher efficiency filters.
  • Part 3: Join our HVAC experts in this session for an advanced, technical review of HVAC unit airflow and how different levels of filter efficiency can increase indoor air quality & affect equipment operation. Gain additional insight on the effects and cost considerations of increased ventilation and other methods of increasing indoor air quality.

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