Resources for FMs in Healthcare

ConnexFM has an active Multi-Site Healthcare Council to address the FM needs in Healthcare. The council is open to all ConnexFM multi-site members in the facilities management industry.

This elite network, within our exclusive ConnexFM membership, is consultative. The council serves and assists ConnexFM in creating education, events, resources and networking while facilitating growth within the Healthcare facilities vertical.


Join Your Multi-Site Healthcare FM Peers

Free access to resources is included with membership. Members also receive access to FM industry webinars and in-person events focused on healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Resource Library

A Healthy Dose of Compliance, Connexus Magazine (August 2022)

Emergencies in Healthcare Facilities, The Daily Grind (February 2022) Kenneth Jones, Director of Facilities, Heartland Dental, concludes a two-part series discussing the type of emergencies an FM in healthcare may face, and how to handle them.

In Case of Emergency, The Daily Grind (January 2022) Joshua Brackett, System Regulatory Director at Banner Health and Co-founder/Chief Learning Officer at Legacy FM shares guidance for FMs on emergency responses for healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Issue, Connexus Magazine (September-October 2019)

The Rise of Medtail, Real Estate Weekly (July 2022)

Medtail: Just what the Doctor Ordered, National Law Review (February 2022)

Ventilation Quick Guides - HVAC, Air Filtration, Airborne Infection, Air Change per Hour, General Ventilation - Q&A Web Guide, ASHE

Oxygen Tank Storage Regulations/Compliance With NFPA 99 Healthcare Facilities Code, Health Facilities Management - ASHE (August 2020) 

14 Types of Healthcare Facilities Where Medical Professionals Provide Care, Health Sciences Blog - Rasmussen University (February 2018)

Healthcare Webinars

Buildings Are Our Best Medicine - Our lives have been in tremendous upheaval from a mutated virus in the Coronavirus family. Many unanswered questions about disease transmission, mortality rates and our own immune response have resulted in uncertainty and confusion about how we should be behaving and managing our indoor environments. Dr. Taylor will present studies on building interventions that have dramatically improved the health of human occupants while decreasing the threat of microbial pathogens such as COVID-19.

Reducing Infectious Disease Transmission with Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) - This presentation provides an overview of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to reduce risk of infectious disease transmission by inactivating pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Topics include fundamentals of microbial response to UVGI, inactivation rate constants of microorganisms and their importance to system design, germicidal light sources and their operating characteristics, UVGI system types and their applications in air, in occupied spaces, and for unoccupied surface decontamination. The presentation will also touch on safety, maintenance, and material compatibility issues.

The Unfiltered Truth Part 1: Fundamentals of HVAC Air Filtration & Filter Options - The COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in a surge of questions, recommendations, and code-required changes with respect to indoor air quality. Increased ventilation, higher efficiency air filters, bi-polar ionization, and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation are now being considered (and implemented in some cases) by building operators. Join us for this three-part series, where HVAC experts share the indoor air quality knowledge you need to help make the right decisions for your facilities!

Connex Councils (Healthcare) - Join us in learning about two new Connex Councils - the Healthcare Council and Canadian Council.

Epidemic Preparedness and Resiliency for Human Health - We have a historic opportunity in front of us to rise to the occasion and really make an impact with how we design and operate our buildings in the future. Buildings can be more resilient to pandemics and disasters, healthier for their occupants, and live up to the expectations of those who spend most of their lives inside of them. Our challenge is to master both the technical and non-technical aspects of resiliency.

Healthcare Council

The council is open to all ConnexFM multi-site and supplier members. Connect with the Healthcare Council online. Learn more or sign up.

Healthcare / Medtail Subject Matter Experts 
These Healthcare Council members emeritus are each expert Facility Management professionals with years of experience.  We welcome all ConnexFM membership to reach out to these individuals to network and share in their lessons learned over the course of their careers.

  • Myriah Kingen, Facilities Director at Tractor Supply, was the first Chair of the Healthcare Council during her time as a facilities director in a dialysis clinic, Myriah was the first to organize resources for FM professionals new to the Medtail space. With over 20 years of experience with top multi-site brands, Myriah is a wealth of knowledge in areas such as Team Building, Program Rollouts, Project Management, Department Planning, Process Improvements, Contract Negotiations.
  • Kathy David, Director at Core States Group., first co-Chair of the Healthcare Council.   Kathy has been a long time veteran of FM programs involving projects, general contracting, and brand management.
  • Bruce Falke, Director, Commercial Fire, LLC.  Bruce was a foundational member of the Healthcare Council, leading discussions and best practices in fire/life safety and security.  Bruce continues to provide expert resources from over 25 years in the fire protection niche.
  • Jessica Fumo, ProFM, Director Store Preservation currently for Sephora, Jessica was a founding member of the Healthcare Council and provided expert support within the Vision market segment as part of our Medtail community.

Healthcare Livestreams

Find Healthcare FM specific topics of The Daily Grind. Where you find new solutions, answers to important questions and the connections you need to excel. Hosted by ConnexFM CEO Bill Yanek. Airs Monday - Friday at 2 p.m. Central.

Healthcare Industry Links

CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

ASHE (American Society of Healthcare Engineers)

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)


Medtail Specialty Vendor Resources

Healthcare Vinyl and Leather Repair Services (restoration of dental chairs, exam tables, waiting room furnishings - on site repairs). 


Medical Equipment Shipping (for City to City or cross-country needs for expert crating/packaging and the shipping & insurance needs for expensive medical equipment) 


Lighting and Lighting Controls for Healthcare – including UV disinfection products and life safety


Medtail hazardous waste disposal, sharps management, secure document shredding and compliance solutions