ProFM Credential Recipients

The ProFM defines global FM standards and provides facility professionals with the knowledge and skills that have evolved beyond traditional FM responsibilities. 

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We Congratulate our ConnexFM Members Who Have Earned the ProFM Credential!


Stefanie Driscoll, ProFM 2020
Jessica Saile, ProFM 2020
Natalie Walchonski, ProFM 2020
Brian Amoroso, ProFM 2020
French Bolen, ProFM 2020
J.D. Wilcox, ProFM 2020
Vasco Fernandes, ProFM 2020 
Tim Wolfenden, ProFM 2020
Jeff McAnally, ProFM  2020 
Christopher Schmitz, ProFM 2021
Josh Ludington, ProFM  2021
Kevin Lloyd, ProFM  2021
Guy Green, ProFM  2021
Natalie Coleman, ProFM  2021
John Sanchez, ProFM  2021
Kevin Gillen, ProFM  2021
Ed Donaghy, ProFM  2021
Angela Harper, ProFM 
Robbie Drake, ProFM  2021
Stanley  Romanowicz, ProFM  2022 
Rowland Adamoli, , ProFM  2022
Krystal Vasquez, ProFM  2022
Carl Youngman, ProFM  2022