ProFM Credential


Connex is proud to partner with the Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI), the founding body and administrator of the ProFM credential. The partnership strengthens the Connex facility management credential program.

After researching and vetting several different Facilities Management certification programs, it was determined ProFM was the best choice for all Connex members as they continue their efforts to elevate their knowledge and reinforce their credibility.

ProFM defines global FM standards and provides facility professionals with the knowledge and skills that have evolved beyond traditional FM responsibilities. The ProFM credential is:

    Relevant & Current: The ProFM Body of Knowledge is the basis of the ProFM credential, and the most current, relevant standard for facility professionals.
    Comprehensive: It teaches 19 functional knowledge areas and five cross-functional competencies that have never before been combined into one credential program.
    Applicable: It enhances industry knowledge and builds practical skills to impact facility performance.
    Global: It enhances industry knowledge and builds practical skills to impact facility performance.
    Independent: It was developed by facility professionals, for facility professionals. Respected FM industry thought leaders, employers, and professionals came together with the common goal of elevating and uniting the FM profession.

Connex members are encouraged to earn the ProFM credential and will receive an exclusive 10 percent discount on the ProFM Credential Program. Members who earned the Retail Facilities Management Professional, RFMP, designation prior to December 31, 2018 will receive a special offer that reflects their achievement and expertise.

Members can login here to access information for member-only special pricing.


View the Connex On-Demand Webinar, Show the World You're a PRO with the ProFM Credential!  or the ProFM Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

While the ProFM credential elevates multi-site FM credibility, the Retail Facilities Management Professional, RFMP, designation will always be recognized as a mark of excellence and proof of an individual’s commitment to continuous improvement in the retail FM industry.



RFMP Designation


A mark of excellence achieved by an elite group of retail facility management professionals is considered to be a milestone in an individual’s professional development and proof of the individual’s commitment to continuous improvement in the retail FM industry.

This designation was offered by the PRSM Association from 2007 to early 2019. Connex, formerly the PRSM Association, is no longer offering the exam for the RFMP Designation. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact

The RFMP Designation Requirements:

  • Have been employed as a retailer or vendor in the retail facility maintenance field for more than 3 years.
  • Have experience in the following: maintaining retail facilities, troubleshooting retail maintenance issues, full understanding in managing repair/service vendors in terms of scope, quality, cost and timeliness of service.

  • Connex offers special networking opportunities for those with the RFMP Designation. 

    A toast to the RFMP at PRSM2019 National Conference 


    Pam Abernathie 12/26/2007
    Rowland Adamoli 12/28/2018
    Anne Aleman 6/29/2018
    Enrique Aleman 9/27/2018
    Chuck Aupke 2/16/2007
    Frank Bacchetta 2/27/2017
    Patricia Baez-Smith 11/2/2007
    Wayne Barnes 6/15/2007
    Carla Beasley 4/9/2018
    Kirk Beaudoin 4/14/2007
    Robert Bensinger 4/13/2008
    Christopher Bernazzoli 1/22/2007
    Sean Bishop 2/16/2007
    Richard Bloom 2/16/2007
    Steven Bonniville 2/1/2007
    Elena Boone 1/8/2009
    Mark Bowlby 10/15/2009
    Matthew Brand 4/18/2012
    Shawn Browning 2/14/2007
    Phil Byers 6/15/2007
    Dudley Carpenter 7/3/2007
    Charles Carroll 4/3/2017
    Charles Castellaw 4/10/2015
    Lee Catlow 2/13/2007
    Kevin Chalmers 4/27/2015
    Georgia Christian 4/13/2008
    Sean Coakley 4/20/2015
    Shanna Cook 3/19/2018
    Lew Crawford 4/13/2008
    Patty Cruz 4/27/2015
    Travis Daniels 2/16/2007
    Jon Dawkins 6/15/2007
    Rodger Dowd 1/25/2007
    Josh Dubs 10/10/2016
    Jason Duhamel 4/9/2018
    Kimberly Dunn 9/6/2017
    Micah Dyer 9/14/2015
    Joel Elsea 11/18/2014
    Dave Fanning 1/30/2007
    Brian Fernandez 2/19/2013
    Andrea Fish 6/15/2007
    John Fitzpatrick 2/1/2007
    Sean Gallagher 11/13/2008
    Ron Giuliana 12/18/2007
    Kurt Gnessin 2/1/2007
    Justin Grimm 4/3/2017
    Justin Gundelfinger 1/8/2007
    Ann Gurnee 6/15/2007
    Holland Haines 9/30/2010
    Cliff Hammett 1/24/2007
    Lynn Harnishfeger 6/15/2007
    Angela Harris 10/3/2016
    Kevin Hastings 4/13/2008
    Kevin Herrmann 12/28/2018
    Sheryl Hess 2/8/2007
    Mike Hoagland 9/25/2018
    Gus Hoffman 4/13/2008
    Scott Holland 6/15/2007
    Jim Howard 4/22/2009
    Dale Johnson 4/13/2008
    Scott Johnston 4/16/2013
    Judy Jones 3/3/2017
    Larry Kerr 2/6/2007
    Patrick Koehler 12/20/2018
    Shaun Kring 9/5/2018
    Mike Lapointe 6/15/2007
    Jamie Leeper 10/23/2018
    Angelica Levesque 12/9/2016
    Matthew Little 12/23/2015
    Gregory Longtin 6/15/2007
    Chad Lovett 9/15/2017
    Anthony (AJ) Malenfant 4/9/2018
    Mike McAfee 8/22/2018
    Jeff McAnally 8/17/2017
    Kevin McCord 4/25/2016
    Chad Melton 2/15/2007
    Jane Miller 1/25/2007
    Stephanie Moon 12/27/2016
    Kathy Moran 2/1/2007
    Gene Mourglea 1/24/2007
    Myra Moyer 6/15/2007
    Ralph Munk 4/9/2018
    Shaun Murphy 2/16/2007
    Stephanie Oliver 2/13/2007
    Mike Parks 4/27/2015
    Leigh Pearson 3/16/2007
    Eric Pelofske 12/18/2015
    Doug Phillips 7/23/2015
    Hubert Poppe 4/13/2008
    Eric Price 1/30/2007
    Keith Randale 11/9/2018
    Dwayne Richardson 10/6/2011
    Christi Robinson 2/16/2007
    Charisse Rubio 10/15/2009
    Kirk Rush 2/13/2007
    Christopher Sackett 2/13/2007
    Mike Saylor 4/5/2018
    Blake Sheppard 2/1/2007
    Brittany Skaats 2/19/2017
    Timothy Slimp 9/15/2015
    Amy Smith 2/15/2007
    Brian Spaeth 4/13/2008
    Tim Spear 2/8/2018
    Robert Steinhagen 4/18/2012
    William Stelzner 2/16/2007
    Joe Stern 6/15/2007
    Tom Stewart 2/2/2007
    Cathy Stolte 6/15/2011
    Nicholas Stoyer 3/28/2018
    Shelly Strano 2/1/2007
    Russell Subjinske 2/7/2007
    William Swasey 2/15/2007
    Neal Tareski 1/18/2007
    Jason Tieman 6/19/2015
    Mark Treppens 6/15/2007
    Vincent Usuriello 11/14/2012
    Paul Vanderkar 4/13/2008
    William Volz 11/13/2013
    Brian Warnet 4/13/2008
    Steven Waxman 10/27/2009
    Stephen Wegeng 12/7/2015
    Thomas Whatley 9/28/2010
    Andy White 1/29/2007
    Ken Whitson 2/15/2007
    JD Wilcox 9/19/2018
    Louise Williams 4/14/2011
    Jim Winkler 4/21/2010
    Joshua Witte 10/16/2009
    Trace Wittenbach 6/15/2011
    Patrick Wright 2/7/2007
    Mike Zolton 1/18/2007