Resources for FMs in Canada

Connex has an active Canadian Council to address the multi-site FM needs in Canada. The council is open to all members in the multi-site facilities management industry. 

This elite network, within our exclusive Connex membership, is consultative. The council serves and assists Connex in creating education, events, resources and networking while facilitating growth within the Canadian multi-site facilities vertical.


Canadian Resources

Canada Mid-Year Conference - Event Debrief & Takeaways

Highlights and notes from Canada MYC2023 presentations, round tables, and demo lab.  Click here.

Meaningful Accessibility in the Built Environment

This Canada MYC2023 presentation explored the importance of designing accessible facilities that welcome and accommodate individuals of all abilities. Participants learned about the key elements of an accessible facility, including considerations for mobility, vision, and hearing impairments. The session covered the legal requirements for accessibility in public spaces and the benefits of designing for inclusion. Through case studies and real-life examples, attendees gained practical insights into the design considerations and best practices for accessible facilities. By the end of the session, participants were equipped with the knowledge and tools to create welcoming and inclusive spaces for all.

Presented by:
Jonathan Marriott
Director of Accessibility Services, Rick Hansen Foundation
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Canadian Webinars

The Key to Inclusion: How Accessible is your Facility?

Join this virtual learning experience to gain an understanding of how the facility management industry can create accessible and inclusive facility services and environments for people with disabilities. This experience will cover practical strategies and best practices, review common overlooked issues, and identify accessibility gaps.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to identify and address common accessibility gaps within facilities.
• Gain design implementation ideas and features that cultivate an inclusive environment.
• Understand how technology and training can support ongoing accessibility efforts. 

Presenters: Marcia O’Connor, Founder/Owner, AMFM Consulting and Babita Singh, Manager of Projects for The Home Depot of Canada’s Building Services and Energy Solutions group

Emerging Trends of ESG

Following pressure from retailers, the management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues is increasingly taking precedence for facility managers, suppliers, and service providers. With customers, investors and regulators seeking improved operational performance, there is an increasing preference in partnering facility managers and other suppliers that can demonstrate awareness for ESG issues, especially issues relating to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing waste.

With buildings representing 40% of carbon emissions, facility managers and other service providers should expect an increase in retailer goals to reduce impact and pay careful attention to what they’re doing from an energy management perspective. In the built environment, sustainability is now starting to be embraced by successful FM professionals who want to go the extra mile to achieve their net zero emission goals.

Retailers are increasingly aware that suppliers and service providers are a critical input into an organization's ESG footprint, with supply chain contracts offering key contributions to sustainability performance. FMs and other service providers are therefore central to helping clients meet their sustainability goals and should ensure to incorporate sustainability within their services in an effort to ensure that their service offerings remain competitive.

Learning Objectives:
• Get an introduction to ESG and the key issues.
• Learn about the key drivers towards more ESG management.
• Learn at a high level how retailers and facilities managers are or can incorporate ESG practices into their operations and supply chains.

Speaker: Michael Zabaneh, Vice President, Sustainability, Retail Council of Canada

Speaker: Kelsey Morden, Senior Manager, Sustainability Programs, Retail Council of Canada 

Canadian Council

The council is open to all ConnexFM multi-site and supplier members in the multi-site facilities management industry. Connect with the Canadian Council online. Learn more or sign up.

Canadian Livestreams