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Education & Resources strives to provide accurate, actionable and dependable resources for Multi-Site Facilities Management Professionals to assist in their day-to-day responsibilities, strategically plan for the future and reinforce their credibility. Learning opportunities include online training courses, webinars, resource documents, and more...

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Education Opportunities

Online Courses
In Depth Training Courses Our goal is to provide committed, dedicated facility management professionals with basic technical trade knowledge that is valuable in the marketplace. Our online courses provide step-by-step information on the fundamentals of facilities management.
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50+ On-Demand Webinars We offer you and your team an extensive array of online on-demand webinars giving you the power of ConnexFM without ever leaving the office. It’s a convenient way to educate the entire staff on facilities maintenance trends, best practices and ROI-boosting strategies.
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New FM Certification Credentials and designations are opportunities for Members to continue their efforts to elevate their knowledge and reinforce their credibility.
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Membership Has Benefits

Free and exclusive access to all of our standard resources and online courses is included with membership. Members also receive discounts on premium resources. 

Downloadable Resources

Hot Our Benchmarking is objective information and data you can use to validate your own data or compare your business practices to other organizations with facilities management functions.
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Best Practices
100+ Case Studies Our Best Practices Book include over 300 case studies written by FM professionals designed to inform and educate you about what other industry professionals are doing along with their successes and failures.
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Practical Approaches
New Series! A collection of ConnexFM’s most actionable and dependable case studies that support facilities management professionals as they develop, implement and execute a comprehensive program.
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Tools & Templates
Simplify your day-to-day tasks and address some of the pressing issues impacting facilities management with our variety of templates, customizable calculators, checklists and manuals.
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White Papers
Find solutions related to FM issues and challenges in our White Papers written by industry consultants and professionals. Gain insights into some of the most relevant issues impacting facilities management.
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