Innovation in Corporate Responsibility

The Innovation in Corporate Responsibility Award celebrates forward-thinking organizations that have displayed exceptional commitment to social and environmental responsibility. This prestigious accolade recognizes companies that have gone above and beyond in implementing innovative strategies and initiatives to make a positive impact on society and the planet. Through groundbreaking approaches, these award recipients demonstrate leadership, creativity, and a steadfast dedication to creating a better world. Join us in honoring those who are driving positive change and setting new standards in corporate responsibility.

Nominees should demonstrate some of the following attributes:

  • Achievements pertaining, but not limited to, areas such as environmental, ethical, philanthropic, and economic. 
  • Displays leadership, integrity, character, and professionalism within the facilities management industry and is respected by industry peers.
  • Established leadership with corporate responsibility through their operational practices and exceptional performance.
  • Ongoing dedication bettering the industry.

Nominee Eligibility Requirements:

  • No self-nominations allowed.
  • Must be a current ConnexFM member for a minimum of three (3) years consecutively and be in good standing having no outstanding ethics violations. All membership categories are eligible.

If you have a candidate in mind and find the submission process difficult, need assistance or have questions, email or call 972-231-9810.