Board of Directors Elections

2019 PRSM Association Board of Directors Elections 

Each year, the PRSM membership elects new members to the Board of Directors. This year, there are seven retail members and six supplier members that have been nominated to represent the membership on the Board of Directors. It is important that the Primary Members vote to ensure that you are represented by the members you think are best suited to lead PRSM into the future. Candidate statements and biographies are listed below and will introduce you to their focus, enthusiasm and excitement to join our board.

Let's meet your Retail and Supplier Candidates! Primary members should receive a personalized email with a link to the ballot to vote on behalf of each member company. To request the name of your primary voting member contact

Retailer Corporate Member Candidates (alphabetical order)

There are six Retail Corporate Member candidates that the PRSM Nominating Committee believes are strong potential board members. From these candidates, two Retail Board seats will be filled based on your votes. There are also two Retail Alternates that will be selected this year.

Candidate Statement
    My professional work experience will reflect successful results in the warehouse/distribution, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare industries. Proven ability to gain the confidence of customers, vendor partners, employees, and senior leadership by combining strong results with effective communication and interpersonal skills. I maintain a passion for excellence using knowledge, resources, shared goals and mutual respect to continue a track record of success. Utilize experience and expertise to positively impact the bottom line of Fortune 500 companies and vendor partners, while making a difference in the lives of employees. Please recognize my interest in supporting the PRSM organization with my passion for improving the industry and creating solutions that will strengthen the Retail landscape and promote the ability to successfully operate in Brick and Mortar locations. Thank you, Anthony Armato
Candidate Statement
    I would be honored to have your support and ask for your vote in the upcoming election to select our newest Board of Directors.
    I have been an active member of PRSM since I joined the retail world more than a decade ago. PRSM has done so much for me over the years, offering educational and networking opportunities, allowing me to meet and build quality relationships with my facilities peers and industry leading vendors. PRSM also provides an avenue for us to give back, whether that be sitting on committees, publishing articles, or presenting at conferences.
    I have just concluded a 1-year term as an alternate, and I am running again in hopes of being elected to a full voting seat. As you may recall, I served on the board previously, and was honored to also serve as your President for the 2014-2015 term. During that time, we were highly effective and made great progress, including setting plans into motion to transition to the new governance model that we operate under today.
    After a couple years off I wanted to return to continue to contribute at the highest level and steer the association into the future. This past year we’ve accomplished a lot of great things and I’d like to return to continue those efforts.
      Thank you for your consideration.
Candidate Statement
    There is such significant value in being a member of PRSM and to have the opportunity to be a member of the Board of Directors would be an honor. An honor to learn and to share experiences that benefit our industry and to be part of the charitable and community endeavors that PRSM undertakes. In the past I had the pleasure of participating on the Canada Committee and recently as the co-chair of the Benchmarking Committee. I welcomed the opportunity to speak at the Benchmarking session at last year's National Conference which was an exceptional experience. I continue to host and attend R2R’s which has been a fantastic way to get our peers together and enhance our understanding of the challenges in our profession and foster our sense of community. I believe I have a diverse cross section of experience and leadership over my 20 years of multi-site management for a government retailer that would bring something unique to the Board. It would be exciting to apply these unique experiences in collaboration with peers, in listening to our members and formulating and implementing strategies that will make significant differences within our industry. Thank you for your consideration and the time you have taken to vote for any of the exceptional candidates.
    Candidate Statement
      As a fellow PRSM member, I am here to ask you to endorse me for a position on the Board of Directors. My greatest interest is in knowing what is important to you, and in representing and supporting you in my commitment to the PRSM Board of Directors. These are challenging times in our industry, but these are also very exciting times - there are so many opportunities to embrace change and influence our future, especially by being connected with and engaged in PRSM, our industry's premier association. I have been involved with PRSM since its inception, and I have seen it change, twist and turn, change again, and continue to evolve. I firmly believe that PRSM is presently on firm footing and positioned well for the future. I want to do my part in helping the organization meet the challenges ahead and continue to grow for its members. I ask you for your support by voting to elect me to the Board of Directors with the promise that I will represent you well as a fellow member.
    Candidate Statement
      Hello PRSM Members! I respectfully request your vote in this year's Board of Directors election. My priority as a Board member will be to increase retailer engagement in all PRSM functions, encouraging open dialogue and meaningful participation. I have served on the Board from 2017-2019 and I am excited to request your support in continuing my service to the Association. In addition to serving in various capacities during conference discussions and participating in the Ethics committee, my experience sitting on the Board following the departure of a retailer Board member provides unique understanding of governance procedures and the issues currently before the Board. I seek to continue this work, as well as to pursue ongoing feedback from all PRSM members t to drive networking and business opportunities to Retailers and Vendors alike. I approach PRSM membership with great enthusiasm and see each event, whether a conference, Retailer to Retailer, or PRSM Live, as an opportunity to grow my own engagement with the organization and encourage the involvement of my peers. I welcome the opportunity to serve our membership and increase the value of your investment in the PRSM organization.
      Candidate Statement
        There's an amazing amount of talented professionals in the PRSM Association. I've been very lucky to work with so many of them over the many years of my professional life. I've always done my best to listen to other members and look for ways to implement positive change as much as possible, just as I've always tried to do in all of the positions I've held from Sales Representative, as a business owner and to my current position as Director of Facilities for CURO Management. If I'm elected, I'm hoping to do the following: 1. Help advance the stature and prestige of our industry to a more widely recognized profession. 2. I'd also like to help PRSM become more of a force internationally. 3. Help make our association and profession more widely recognized among students at the high school and college level. Part of this includes helping to develop a successful apprenticeship program and partnering with trades to help them address the talent shortage that is currently becoming an issue in our industry. 4. Make sure that our members have access to the latest and best technology to help them stay on top of their professions and viewed as a necessary component to successful business operation. I believe my professional experience would allow me to contribute to the Association and give me a chance to give back a little of all I've received from PRSM over the years. I'd really appreciate your support and your vote!

        Supplier Corporate Member Candidates (alphabetical order)

        There are five Supplier Corporate Member candidates that the committee believes are strong potential board members. From these candidates, one Supplier Board seats will be filled based on your votes. There is also one Supplier Alternate that will be appointed this year.

        Candidate Statement
          I have been a PRSM member since 2006, and I have never been more insanely excited about the opportunities in front of our Association over the next three years. If elected, my mission is as follows: 1) Aggressively expand our ecosystem beyond the traditional chain retail boundaries. This will create larger career opportunities for our facility manager members, and a larger marketplace for our vendors. 2) Accelerate the adoption of technology in every aspect of our industry. We operate in a mobile, social-media enabled world and we have an opportunity to radically enhance our community and make it better connected. Also, we’re entering an era where technology companies are building stores, not the other way around. We will win the challenge of learning how to leverage technology as opposed to being threatened by it. 3) Better deploy our institutional strength of live events towards recruiting new talent in our industry and converting into professionals who are excited about the long-term opportunities our industry has to offer. In 2018 I had the good fortune to serve a one-year term as Vendor Alternate. I worked very hard to quickly grasp the Board’s structure, culture, and strategic objectives. The current and previous Boards have done an outstanding job of growing the organization in the face of a tough macro-environment. Having already gone through the learning curve with Board membership, I’m confident I can hit the ground running on Day 1 and generate results for the members. Thank you for your consideration!!
        Candidate Statement
          As a long-time participant on action-oriented Boards such as Conscious Capitalism, I am an ideal fit for the PRSM Board of Directors. I have held executive positions at numerous companies, on both the retail and supplier side, and now serve as COO for the game-changing technology company Fexa. Prior to joining Fexa, I was a successful entrepreneur where I helped professional services, facilities services, and technology companies with development initiatives to grow and scale their business. I bring fresh ideas and out of the box thinking to all projects and goals. I am an avid volunteer and dedicate my time to numerous charities and benefit events. A born executor, I thrive off of the goals and value I can bring to others while always focusing on results. I am committed to adding value to the Board of Directors with a vision of ensuring PRSM supports the continual changing landscape of brick and mortar retailers and services companies. As I know first-hand the opportunities that exist on both sides, and now experience them daily by adding value to both parties, I will be focused to find more ways of ensuring PRSM is an influential voice and presses for win-win solutions for all shapes, sizes, locations and industries we serve.
        Candidate Statement
          My name is Steve Hearon and I'm writing to ask for your vote in my quest to become a Board member of PRSM. It was an honor to be nominated for a second time and I take the opportunity to represent my fellow retail suppliers seriously. I have experience serving on boards such as this one and I know how important collaboration and communication are in order to leverage the wisdom and experience of all of the members. I believe PRSM should 1) be the premier platform for sharing best practices among retail maintenance professionals, 2) be a powerhouse of networking resources, and 3) be a place to go for information and education to enable self-improvement among its members. I feel my experience in leading companies, as well as volunteer associations will be quite valuable. One of my core values is continuous improvement and I feel everyone should be a constant learner in order to become a top performer. I derive great satisfaction from working on and with teams, leading teams, and helping people achieve their goals. I've accumulated some amazing relationships in the world of retail, and I pride myself in facilitating win/win connections among others. If you vote for me, I can assure you I will commit the time, energy, and passion required to make a difference. Thank you for your consideration.
        Candidate Statement
          I fondly remember attending the first PRSM National Conference in Las Vegas as one of just a few vendors over 20 years ago. It wasn't quite the size of today's events, however the passion of those early members to share information, network and develop personal friendships, and most importantly to increase professionalism in Facilities Management, was the same as it is today.
          If you vote for me, I will use all of my abilities and experience to Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, and help Lead PRSM into the changing Future.
          PRSM is a dynamic association that is a leading resource for current and future Facilities Managers, however we should always strive for more;
          More discussion around TECHNOLOGY…It is changing the FM position.
          More members.
          More knowledge sharing and benchmarking.
          More leadership development.
          More information on industry trends.
          More networking.
          More career development.
          More awareness of the importance of Facilities Management in the entire Enterprise Value.
          PRSM must also be financially strong.  New revenue streams must be developed and grown by creating value for ALL retail members and the vendor members.
          I have served on the Benchmarking Committee, as current Chair of the Tools Taskforce, and was honored to be awarded the 2015 Service Excellence Award.  I am passionate about  PRSM and will use all of my experience and talent to make PRSM the “GOLD STANDARD” for the FACILITIES PROFESSIONAL!
          I am asking for your vote to the PRSM’s Board of Directors.  Thank You!
        Candidate Statement
          I believe with extreme importance of diversity, the digital age and the systemic supply and demand issue in the trade industry we are experiencing, I bring a big tool box full of experience, credibility, with a little bit of personality to execute  .
          I am known in NA as the “Blue-Collar CEO“ as I am redefining the collar blue and changing the answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up?“.
          My companies and I are huge advocates for females and minorities in the trade industry and breaking down the barriers and stereotypes that have created the perception that you are a second-class citizen unless you go to university or college.
          Associations can fall into a very complacent, precarious place in the midst of revolutionary disruption and PRSM is far from immune from this.
          I have a very “respectfully uncensored” approach with a very clear, simple vision that I am confident will create more impact for retailers and vendors for a more modernized sustainable PRSM going forward.
          Its paramount that retailers are continually onboarded and see the value of PRSM and its members, so as a board member I would help inject some more culturally based ideas, millennial energy and help bridge the Gap between ageism in the industry and the modernized thought leadership it needs.
          And because life is way too short for boring, I intend on having lots of fun doing the above 
            Cheers and take care











        Deadline for submissions is December 15, 2018

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        What Happens Next?

        A Nominating Committee comprised of retail and supplier members of the Association volunteer each year to promote, screen and interview potential candidates. The team engages a 3rd party consultant to conduct first round interviews. The committee then completes all second round interviews and the proposed slate is sent to the sitting board for approval prior to the ballot being released.

        The interview process is rigorous so we encourage submissions to be detailed, sell yourself and or your nominee! This is a great opportunity to get involved, give back and hone leadership skills.