Board of Directors Call for Nominations & Applications

About the Board of Directors
ConnexFM is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who are career professionals working in the industry, selling to and/or servicing retail and Multi-Site facilities. The 2022-23 Board will consist of 11 Directors: six Multi-Site and five Supplier members who serve three-year rotating terms. In addition, three alternates, two Multi-Site members and one Supplier member, serve as non-voting Board Members available to step into a Board seat should a vacancy occur on the Board during a term.

As the legal body of ConnexFM, the Board of Directors establishes policy and guidelines and leads by setting the strategic direction of ConnexFM. This requires knowledge and experience in business, mature judgment, strategic vision, and the ability to influence and empower others. Members of the Board of Directors must be able to perform at this executive level as part of a collaborative team with other Board Members.

The primary responsibility of the Board Member is to provide leadership to the organization, enabling it to be a powerful influence in the multi-site facilities industry. In addition, the Board of Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that ConnexFM functions in an ethical and legal manner in all its business practices. Underlying the success of ConnexFM’s Board has been the Directors' dedication to preparing for and participating in all meetings, as well as contributing their experience and critical thinking in setting the strategy of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities
As the legally constituted governing body, the Board oversees the affairs of the ConnexFM Association; provides leadership to the profession; and represents ConnexFM and the profession to other groups.

Major functions in carrying out these responsibilities include:

  • Envisioning the future of ConnexFM and setting its strategic direction.
  • Establishing policy for ConnexFM.
  • Approving and monitoring the progress of the strategic plan.
  • Reviewing and approving the budget annually.
  • Representing ConnexFM to members and groups.


Term of Office
An individual selected for the ConnexFM Board will serve a three-year term from April 2022 through April 2025. An individual selected as a Board alternate will serve a one-year term from April 2022 through April 2023.

The ConnexFM Nominating Committee is charged with selecting qualified members in each member category for the Board of Directors’ elections per the Association’s Bylaws. The process for selecting these members is outlined below.

Nominations (self or peer) are being accepted until November 19, 2021 (12:00 pm CST), and applications are accepted until November 30, 2021 (11:50 pm CST). The ConnexFM Nominating Committee will review each applicants’ qualifications in-depth. ConnexFM Primary Members will vote on the final slate of nominees for the Board of Directors in March 2021. Newly elected Board Members will take office at Connex2022 National Conference, April 24, 2022, in Long Beach, CA. 

We look forward to receiving your application! Submit your application here. 

Minimum Required Qualifications

  • Current ConnexFM Association Member with at least one-year of membership preceding nomination, in good standing having no outstanding ethics violations.
  • Experience of at least five years in the multi-site facilities profession, property management, retail, healthcare, food and beverage, asset management professions, or other complementary fields.
  • Ability, commitment, and approval support by their company to participate in Board Duties as described in the Term of Office and Time Commitment (face-to-face Board meeting, conference calls, events, etc.).


Time Commitment
Board service requires a commitment of three (3) hours a month on average. In addition, the Board of Directors holds four (4) face-to-face Board meetings: two (2) of those are held in conjunction with its major conferences each year; one (1) summer session; and one (1) winter meeting in February. Conference calls are held as needed.

Board Members also assist in leading and/or serving on the Association Board committees and are expected to participate in committee conference calls.



  1. Submit a nomination for a ConnexFM member. You do not have to be nominated to apply.
    1. Nominations have now closed for the 2022-2023 Board of Directors Term. Members are encouraged to submit nominations year-round for the next term. Click here to submit a nomination. 
  2. All nominated individuals are contacted and invited to submit an application. To be considered a nominee must submit a complete application. 



  1. Visit our Board of Directors Application submission platform.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Click “Join Now” to create an account. If you have already created an account enter your account log in details.
  4. Once you are in the application dashboard “Click here to begin new application” under the “APPLICATIONS” header.
  5. To be considered all sections of the application must be complete before submitting. Once an application section is complete a green checkmark will populate.
  6. Once an application is complete click Save and then click Submit.


The platform allows for applicants to save their application and work on it at a later date and time.



  1. All applicants with a complete application will be scheduled to complete a first-round interview.
  2. Once all first-round interviews are complete the Nominating Committee will meet to review interview results and pare down the candidate list.
  3. Individuals on the revised candidate list will be scheduled to complete a second-round interview.
  4. Once all second-round interviews are complete the Nominating Committee will meet to review interview results and determine a slate to submit to the ConnexFM Board of Directors for approval.
  5. The ConnexFM Board of Directors will meet to approve the suggested board slate.
  6. Once the slate is approved by the ConnexFM Board of Directors it will be sent to ConnexFM membership to vote.




Contact Brooke Cowart with questions regarding the Board of Directors Nomination or Application Process.