2023-24 ConnexFM Board Of Directors Ballot

Each year, ConnexFM takes great pride in the quality of member candidates nominated and selected for the ConnexFM Board of Directors slate. The ConnexFM Nominating Committee strives for candidates that exhibit leadership qualities such as strategic planning, foresight, innovative thinking, industry expertise, and an understanding of the varying interests of our diverse membership.

Who Can Vote?
ConnexFM is calling on YOU, the primary and/or voting Connex member of your organization, to cast YOUR VOTE for the 2023-24 ConnexFM Board of Directors.

Effective January 1, 2021 each organization can add an additional voting member (for a total of 2 votes). 1) Click here to learn how. 2) Go to your Member Dashboard now to add your additional voting member. NOTE: Only the Primary & Voting Member from each member organization are eligible to vote (2 votes per member organization).

Primary Members and (1) Additional Voting Member will receive an email with their unique, personalized electronic ballot. If you have any questions please reach out to Tangela Chance at tchance@connexfm.com.