2024-25 ConnexFM Board Of Directors Ballot


Each year, ConnexFM takes great pride in the quality of member candidates nominated and selected for the ConnexFM Board of Directors slate. The ConnexFM Nominating Committee strives for candidates that exhibit leadership qualities such as strategic planning, foresight, innovative thinking, industry expertise, and an understanding of the varying interests of our diverse membership.

Voting for the 2024-2025 ConnexFM Board of Directors is now closed. Thank you for participating. 


Who Can Vote?

Each ConnexFM member organization can add an additional voting member (for a total of 2 votes per company). You review and update your voting members for your organization online through connexfm.com. Click here to learn how

If you need to add your additional voting member, access your Member Dashboard to do that today before voting opens. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Primary & Voting Member from each member organization are eligible to vote (Limited to 2 votes per member organization). If you need assistance with your voting member setup, contact the membership team at membership@connexfm.com for assistance.


How To Vote

Primary and the additional voting members will receive an email from ConnexFM when the Voting Ballots are live on ConnexFM.com. Voting members will be able to login to their Membership Dashboard to access the Board of Directors voting ballot and submit their votes. Once submissions are received they cannot be changed/edited.  Voting for the 2024-2024 ConnexFM Board of Directors opens up on March 4, 2024 and closes at 5pm CDT on March 15, 2024. 

Voting for the 2024-2025 ConnexFM Board of Directors is now closed. Thank you for participating. 


Your 2024-25 Board of Directors Ballot Preview


Christopher Jernigan

CEO | Cushman & Wakefield Facilities Solutions (CWFS)


FM Professional with 20+ years of experience partnering with suppliers, clients, and industry experts in delivering exceptional outcomes that impact not only the bottom line but also the communities for which we live and work. FM journey began via ESG, leading teams of facilities professionals driving environmental impact ultimately selling the company to Engie. Next led a successful FM company supporting 40k suppliers and 200+ retailers. Currently CEO of FM company with 1k team members.


Candidate Statement:

I wish to join the Board of Connex to give back all I have learned over the 20+ years of serving multisite occupiers. Having the opportunity to aid, even in the smallest way, to the education of the future generation of FM professionals is priceless to me and I would be honored to serve in this capacity. Connex is the premier Association driving the strategic direction of the industry I have made a career within. Serving on the Board is an opportunity I will never take for granted nor take advantage of. I've made a career of partnering with all levels of FM industry professionals. The relationships that I have are paramount to me and I anticipate being able to deliver even more value through continued growth of Association membership through both supplier partners and Commercial Real-estate occupiers.  Thank you and God bless.


Brad Shyver



For over 20 years, I’ve worked at ROYAL and moved up the ranks from Field Technician to CEO. Within 4 years of becoming CEO, the company saw substantial growth in sales, profit, and employee count. ROYAL continues to focus on long-term, sustainable industry partnerships, teammate empowerment through servant leadership, and continuous innovation driving multi-site clients’ brand experience. I’ve been with my wife for almost 20 years; we have 3 kids, 3 Newfoundlands, and 2 Persians.

Candidate Statement:

With over 20 years of experience working in the multi-site facilities & construction space, and 9 as CEO of ROYAL, I feel like I am at a point in my career to give back to the industry. ROYAL’s vision has always been to create partnerships that continuously improve people, processes, and outcomes for the benefit of the stakeholders, environments, and communities we serve. It is this vision I want to bring to Connex to help shape the future of the industry. I would like to see Connex increase membership through greater diversity, not only amongst the members but adding new verticals to the association. I would like to help Connex become more focused, yet inclusive in the limited time and treasure we have. I bring an extensive history of experience in facilities, construction, sales, & managing people. I have a passion for building exceptional teams and feel as a Board member I could continue to help Connex keep their top spot as industry leader.


Krystal Vasquez

Sales Manager | Branded Group


Krystal Vasquez, CRFP, ProFM is the new Sales Manager at Branded Group. She previously worked as the Director of Accounts with MCS Chain Store Maintenance where she specializes in client growth, program development, and relationship building. She has been in FM for 14 years. She is an active member of various industry associations. She helps mentor emerging professionals. She earned her CRFP credential and her ProFM. She is a mom of two and an avid concert goer; seeing everyone from Aerosmith to Elton John.

Candidate Statement:

I am truly humbled by this nomination. The current Connex board is comprised of some incredible minds and to be a part of such a team is exciting. I want to be a member of this ConnexFM board because I feel that I can bring a new perspective. With my experience over many social platforms, I can assist with one of ConnexFM's strategic goals of leading the industry both digitally and as the top choice for youth and emerging professionals entering the FM space. I also bring with me a strong desire to serve this association that delivers value to me regularly. I remember being new to this industry and all of the people who taught me, guided me, and held their hand out to help me along. I want to give back in those same ways and serve this community. I strongly feel that with my passion for continuing education I can provide value in the areas of professional development within the ConnexFM ecosystem, helping to drive towards ConnexFM's strategic goals. As a member of the ConnexFM board I would work to creatively help with engagement, serve our community, and share my knowledge.


Beth T. Krantz

Senior Director Sales Operations   |    TrueSource, LLC


I was mentored by FM pioneers at Melville Corporation which launched my FM career. A leap to the supplier side led me to expand my company's portfolio to align with evolving business trends. Along the way, I am humbled to have mentored many with successful careers in the FM industry. I enjoy developing and implementing sales/marketing strategies and am comfortable thinking outside the box. Fun fact: I love to sing along with musical standards!

Candidate Statement:

When I shared with my company leadership that I want to run for the Connex Board, the response was “ you’d be good for that”. My reputation is that when given or executing an initiative, you have my strong commitment that I will use or find a resource to bring it to fruition. I am often called upon for insight and participation in business strategy at my company and enjoy collaborating with cross-functional teams. I am fortunate to manage a team who, along with me, on-board all of our new clients from contract review to implementation. I have been on the Connex ( PRSM) editorial committee, writing contributory articles for it and recently for other retail industry publications . I am currently a Marketing Committee member within Connex’s Legacy Council and a charter member of Connex . I look forward to assisting the committee with support our Young Professionals ConnextGen program . I have a wonderful husband , Steven who has always supported my career and fond memories of my now 21-year college senior, Teddy attending his first Connex in Florida when he started to teethe! Please let me share my abilities and experience with my esteemed colleagues to take Connex to the next era in a changing retail market.


Krystle D. Elswick

VP of Facilities Maintenance | Davaco


I "fell" into the FM industry 14 years ago, starting as a CSR at Brightview (FKA Brickman). I took a brief hiatus as a wedding planner for 6 months before going to Cummins Facility Services as a BDM. I spent 3 years at FacilitySource (CBRE) and worked my way up from a Sr Manager to a Sr Director. Ultimately, I joined Davaco 3 years ago to have the opportunity to build out FM.

While I never intended to join the facilities industry, I am very grateful that I did. I'm a firm believer that, as a leader, I must be able to do any task that I ask of my team. I have been very fortunate to start my career at an entry level and work my way up through multiple tiers at each company, learning as much as possible as I go. Throughout my career, I have had some excellent leaders that helped shape me into who I am today. Because of this, I am very passionate about building up my team and progressing their career and knowledge, regardless of whether they stay with the company or move on. There is no greater honor as a leader than to see your team members get promoted! This is not an easy industry and it is so important that those of us in the FM industry continue to bring in fresh talent and instill that passion to support our clients and partners. Connex has the opportunity to get creative and disrupt our industry, and I would love to be part of the change!


Kyle Landig, Certified Lighting Management Consultant (CLMC)

President    |    Sunset Lighting


My name is Kyle Landig and I am President of Sunset Lighting, a national provider of electrical & lighting services for multisite facilities. My journey into the facilities industry began at around age 5 when my dad started Sunset Lighting out of his garage! I am proud of my rise from office janitor to President, holding nearly every position in between. FM can be stressful, so I stay sane by running and cycling.

Candidate Statement:

As President of my organization, I am uniquely positioned to understand the wide-ranging demands required to advance the goals & vision of Connex. Vision, strategic planning, marketing, operations, sales, & finance all need to be in alignment. For the last 15+ years, I have held positions in or actively managed these key business areas. As a young professional, if I am elected to the Connex Board I will infuse new vision into the Organization that will sustain Connex as we look toward the future. Beyond just making new industry connections, enhancing our facilities teams, and finding new customers, I want to make Connex a community where we openly discuss & tackle serious issues facing our industry. I want our growing membership to view Connex as a vital resource for staying current, exchanging ideas, and solving real challenges in our work lives. Ultimately, I want Connex to be a beacon of what a professional trade organization looks like.


Michael Zolton, RFMP

Lead Professor, Facilities Management | Collin College


I am a credentialed facilities manager and have served as the Discipline Lead of the Facilities Management degree program at Collin College since 2020 after approximately 30 years in industry. In addition to the Facilities Management program, I also serve as a Lead Professor in our Construction Management and Safety programs. I see my current role as a terrific opportunity to give back to my industry and develop students to help fill the talent gap.

Candidate Statement:

My name is Michael Zolton and you may know me from the various roles I have held in the multi-site facilities industry with The Michaels Companies, ServiceChannel, Borden Dairy Company, Friedmans Inc., Cascade Services, Kinkos / FedEx Office, David Weekly Homes and Marlin Environmental Products. I am a current member in good standing of ConnexFM and have been for many years. Over a span of approximately 30 years in the facilities industry I have gained experience in Facilities and program management, energy management and sustainability, real estate management, lease management, procurement, automation, security and emergency preparedness and response. In 2020, I was contacted by Collin College with an opportunity to launch a degree program in Facilities Management. This amazing challenge allows me to help to prepare and encourage students, both traditional and experienced, to enter the industry to fill the talent gap for Facilities Managers and tradesmen and to continue to grow and develop themselves for success. I also serve as the Co-Chair of the Connex Foundation Scholars Committee which further supports helping students to enter and succeed in this profession.



Betty Hernandez

Store Facilities Manager | THE CONTAINER STORE


Betty Hernandez is Store Facilities Manager at The Container Store with 27 years experience. Her journey began in 1996 as a part-time employee, and through her commitment and skillful efforts has risen over the years in several positions. Betty is currently responsible for managing the Store Facilities team and its repair and maintenance operations and expenses of all store locations from the time of hand over from Real Estate Construction.

Candidate Statement:

I have been a member of ConnexFM, formerly PRSM since 2000. I have watched the organization grow over the years and have volunteered my time with white papers, round table discussions, panelist and committees which I’m currently a member of WIA and a Co-Chair in Connexion100. I want to challenge myself even further and explore the opportunity of becoming a Board member. I hope that this opportunity will allow me to grow personally and professionally in my career. I have learned and benefitted so much from being a member of ConnexFM that I want to pay it forward and give more of my time to the organization that has been there for me. Serving on the board would allow me to contribute my thoughts on its strategic initiatives and future direction of the organization. My motivation is to be a resource and I want to be a voice coming from a minority and a woman in this field, I have that double punch. In all seriousness, this is the ultimate goal of becoming a recognized leader in the industry and voted on by our peers and by the connections I’ve made over my time with the organization. Thank you for your consideration.


Charles H. Stamm

VP Director of Infrastructure    |    U.S. Bank


U.S. Bank VP Director of Infrastructure and Governance. Manage over 3000 sites, 30M total SF. consisting of Mixed-use office, Ops centers, Data centers, Records Centers and Retail bank buildings.
Have in Facilities Management for over 35 years.
U.S. Banks Legends of Possible award winner.
Have volunteer over 250 hours each year for the past 10 years.
Married for 41 years.
Do not have cell phone service at our house.

Candidate Statement:

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you a little more about myself - the skills, experience and qualities that I believe are an excellent match for the Connex Board. I believe I have established an excellent foundation upon which to build a very satisfying and mutually beneficial working relationship that promises to yield outstanding results.

Years of management experience have taught me many keys to doing business successfully, the most important being that integrity never fails. No amount of skill or experience means anything without honesty, morality, loyalty, commitment, passion, compassion, and a stellar work ethic. My lifestyle, both business and personal, is characterized by these virtues and I consider them to be non-negotiable. I also believe people to be the most valuable resource to any organization and I have always treated them as such. I believe a high-energy team spirit keeps priorities in order and personal ambitions in check. Treating people fairly, sharing credit for successes and resolving differences constructively are skills that are born from integrity.

I spend most of my off-time Hiking, Hunting both big and small game, fishing and riding my ATV in the mountains of Idaho with my wife. While serving in the Air Force I obtained my Hunting Guide License in Alaska, I travel back to Alaska each year to hunt and fish. I volunteer my time as a wild land fire fighter and EMT for Wilderness Ranch Fire Protection District in Boise County.



Donnie Geyer

Director Facilities Maintenance Store Design & Construction | Bath & Body Works


For 25+ years I've held different roles within retail, facilities maintenance and construction. I am currently Director, Facilities Maintenance at Bath & Body Works. I have led many initiatives including fixture rollouts, high profile store construction, remodels and currently oversee our 1,800 store fleet for maintenance. I work with cross functional partners (real estate, finance, vendors) on strategy, value engineering and budgeting.

Fun fact- I was an extra in the holiday classic "A Christmas Story"

Candidate Statement:

I bring years of experience as well as financial responsibility that would influence the ConnexFM maintenance. I have extensive Multi-Site Facilities experience from the brand side and vendor perspective that would make me a valuable asset to the Board. I look forward to sharing my experience and providing leadership to others through ConnexFM.

I reside in Columbus, Ohio where I am on the board of my home owners association. We manage annual budgets and work with local building and zoning officials to keep our neighborhood beautiful. We recently worked with a local developer and the city on a new roadway project that just completed. In my free time I enjoy golfing with my friends and watching The Ohio State Buckeyes.