ConnexFM's Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award & Service Excellence Awards

The ConnexFM Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes one individual who has made significant contributions to ConnexFM goals, strategic direction and contributions to the facilities management industry. Service Excellence Awards are given to additional volunteer members who have also made significant contributions to the Association.

Criterion for both the ConnexFM Outstanding Volunteer of the Year and the Service Excellence Awards are as follows:

  • Overall contribution of time, intellect and resources to ConnexFM's vision, mission and goals.
  • Contribution of time and resources to committee mission and goals.
  • (3) Three years of consecutive membership in Connex required.
  • ConnexFM member in good standing having no outstanding Ethics violations.
  • All nominations will be reviewed by the ConnexFM Staff to ensure the criteria have been met.
  • You may nominate as many members as you like.
  • No self nominations allowed.

Nominations will be accepted from:

  • ConnexFM Board of Directors
  • ConnexFM Staff
  • ConnexFM Committee members


A nominee must:

  • Be actively engaged in ConnexFM.
  • A nominee should display professionalism, fairness, operational organization, etc. within his/her company.
  • A nominee should display leadership within the facilities management industry.
  • A nominee should display integrity and character, and should be well respected throughout the industry for his or her professional reputation.
  • If self-nominating, the nominee may be asked to provide verification of accomplishments by their immediate supervisor or by a ConnexFM member in same company.
  • ConnexFM Board of Directors members are ineligible for awards other than the Lifetime Achievement Award.
    • All other Connex members are eligible and may nominate any ConnexFM member.

If you have a candidate in mind and find the submission process difficult, e-mail us for assistance at or call 972-231-9810.