The Lawrence W. Whelan Connex Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lawrence W. Whelan Connex Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes extraordinary accomplishments by Connex members. This prestigious award recognizes your peer(s)—living or deceased—who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the 'multi-site/retail facility management profession over a long career.

Nominees for The Lawrence W. Whelan Connex Lifetime Achievement Award should meet the following criteria:

  • Attained prominence in their professional careers.
  • Achieved a minimum of 20 years of distinguished service within retail facility maintenance. The award is for lifetime achievement rather than for a single contribution, no matter how monumental.
  • Be a current or formerConnex member during this time frame. Minimum of 20 years within the industry and 10 years with Connex eligibility required.
  • Served on a committee, board or task force (volunteer/member/officer) during their tenure as a Connex member.
  • Made significant or unique contributions to Connex during their tenure within the industry.
  • Be universally known within the organization for integrity and stature. They shall have demonstrated abilities and values that the Connex membership will take pride in and accomplishments that will inspire.Therefore, nominees will be expected to have demonstrated tangible and persistent contributions that are recognized by their peers as accomplishments in the retail facilities maintenance industry.


A nominee must:

  • Have no outstanding Ethics violations.
  • A nominee should display professionalism, fairness, operational organization, etc. within his/her company.
  • A nominee should display leadership within the facilities management industry.
  • A nominee should display integrity and character, and should be well respected throughout the industry for his or her professional reputation.
  • If self-nominating, the nominee may be asked to provide verification of accomplishments by their immediate supervisor or by a Connex member in same company.
  • Connex Board of Directors ARE eligible for Lifetime Achievement Award.
    • All other Connex members are eligible and may nominate any Connex member.

If you have a candidate in mind and find the submission process difficult, e-mail the awards committee for assistance at or call 972-231-9810x111.